Zombifisgirl/woman Flag
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Zombifisgirl/woman Flag
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Zombifisboy/man Flag
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Zombifisgender Flag With Meanings
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Zombifisgender Flag
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Color meaning:
- Dull black (Death): Represents the feeling as if your gender is dead/undead as well as it being mysterious/confusing
- Darker dull brown (Decay): Represents the possible feeling as if your gender is decaying sometimes
- Lighter dull brown (Longing): Represents the feeling of longing caused by wanting to understand your gender better or even possibly wanting it to feel more human.
- Grey (Unlabeled because this color will change in other versions): Represents the feeling neutrality aka feeling neither masculine nor feminine.

Zombifisgender is a mythologender defined as "a gender which feels as though it was dead then reanimated, as well as feeling inhuman/having a disconnect from humanity which can make your gender confusing."1

Additional Information From the Coiner

What this gender means to me: I coined this term cause my nb gender feels really weird & I couldn’t find an existing gender that explained how I felt. Basically, I feel as though my gender isn’t human. It feels like it’s undead. I have an extreme disconnect from humanity & it has a huge effect on my perception of my gender. I’m bad at explaining how I feel but I hope this made sense & if you have any questions I’ll try to answer them as best I can.
The flag above is meant for anyone (like me) who feels as though this gender isn’t connected to masculinity or femininity. But under the cut, there will be more versions of this flag for people who feel differently.
This gender can be used by anyone (tho I doubt anyone will ajshdfsj) it could be especially good for zombiekin. & to any anti mogai who are gonna bother me for this: You got anything better to do?

History of the term

Zombifisgender was coined on June 16, 2019 by tumblr user /cisphobicagenda. The flags were created at the same time.2

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