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Zodiacgender is both a standalone term and a subset of mythologender. Zodiacgender encompasses all genders that are influenced by astrology. Unsurprisingly, these pseudoscience-y labels are all the rage among a pseudoscientific movement.

History of the term

Zodiacgender was coined before August 8, 20141 by unknown via MOGAI-Archive.2 The original flag was created on or before February 20, 2017 by unknown.3 The redone flag was created on July 13, 2018 by Deviantart user twilight-moon-velvet4 It is defined as "a catch-all gender term that is used to describe when one’s gender is related to a (or their specific) zodiac sign."5

MOGAI-Watch Poem

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My gender sends in cryptograms
to the local press;
these are all anonymous,
and there’s no return address.

My gender is a super-creep,
the subject of many thrillers:
my gender is–as yet–uncaught;
it’s the fucking Zodiac Killer.


For a list of all terms relating to the Zodiac while not necessarily being Zodiacgenders, see the Zodiac tag.

List of Terms



Aquarigender (or Genderflow) is defined as "a gender that is perpetually changing. It’s a flowing gender that changes slowly and constantly between an infinite amount of genders. It is never to a specific gender identity, but sometimes there are existing labels that are close to what the gender feels like at the time and other times no words can describe your gender feeling
The prefix for this word comes from the Zodiac sign Aquairus [sic]: The Water Bearer."7


Aresgender is defined as "a gender that rages like war, fiery and bloody, unwavering and so powerful it sometimes cannot be contained within itself."8


Ariegender is defined as "a gender that makes the person feel somewhat out of control because their gender identity is taking control of their life; after the zodiac sign—a person born under aries is known to be a true leader."9


Arigender is defined as "derived from the zodiac sign aries. a complicated gender identity that you cannot explain or is very hard to explain. a gender that does not fit under any labels. an unfathomable gender."10


Asteroifluid is defined as "fluid between zodiac genders"11



Cancegender is defined as "An individual is agender as their “base” gender but experiences fluid/fluxing gender feelings in tandem with their emotions. These gender feelings may confuse or upset the individual and cause their emotional state to go haywire, which causes more gender changes."12


Caprigender is defined as "a gender inspired by the zodiac capricorn. either a capricious, rapidly changing/untrackable gender or a gender experience that relates to capricorn in some way."13


Capriogender is defined as "a gender heavily influenced by the Zodiac Capricorn, and may also be influenced by where the constellation is in the sky."14



Geminigender is defined as "a gender identity that is mostly/usually agender, but will rarely/oftenly change to a different (non-binary, indescribable) gender which changes each time.
Every time a gender surfaces, it is unique and will eventually go away and never return.
Relates to Gemini in that it is typically stable, but will have significant bursts of changes.15


Genderalbatro (or Zodiahoarder) is defined as "a subset of genderhoarder but with only zodiacgenders."16



Leogender is defined as "a gender that is closely related to strength and regality. A royal gender if you will. Synonym for Leogender is Reigngender
The Prefix for the term comes from the constellation Leo: The Lion. Also lions are (falsely) seen as the Kings of the Jungle. The prefix for Reigngender comes from the latter half of the word “sovereign” meaning “ruler”"17


Libragender is defined as "A gender identity that is mostly agender, but has a connection to masculinity and/or femininity, and/or other gendered feelings. That connection may be static (libragender, librafeminine, libramasculine, etc) or fluid, where one feels that the gendered feelings one experiences chang [sic] (librafluid).
Based on the zodiac sign Libra."18



Ophiuchusgender is defined as "a subset of polygender or genderfluid where all of the genders involves are zodiac genders. May be just a few or all of the other zodiac genders."19



Piscesgender is defined as "a gender that is composed of strong feelings and passion. It is a cluster of many gender identities."20



Saggitariusgender (or Saggitarigender) is defined as "a very unique and independent identity that refuses to be anywhere near the binary spectrum."21


Scorpifluid is defined as "a gender fluid between unknown genders."22


Scorpigender is defined as "a gender that is a mystery, and very difficult to understand. lots of labels vaguely fit it, but almost none can fully describe it."23



Tanrvesqen is defined as "a gender that feels like 2 or more star signs combined to make it."24


Tauragender is defined as "a term use to describe when someone’s gender stays the same for an extended amount of time due to the comfort they feel with that gender. The gender may change but the individual is reluctant for that change due to stubborness [sic]. But when they do allow the change it is usually for the better.
The prefix is from the constellation Taurus: The Bull."25


Taurgender is defined as "a person who strongly identifies with a controlling/reigning planet, in this case earth. can be specified, e.g. taurboy, taurgirl, etc."26



Virgender is defined as "a gender identity that is practically and particularly genderless. This usually happens when it is too stressful or difficult to have a gender.
The Prefix comes from the constellation Virgo: The Maiden."27

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