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Zerogender is a mathgender defined as "a gender or group of genders nullified when combined with its/their respective antigender(s), leading to mutual self-destruction or a similar concept of nullifying, but leaving behind seeds of potential genderedness in a spore state that could one day bloom in either direction (original gender or anti/ungender) in either specific contexts or at random, and then return to the spore state, and possibly bloom in the opposite direction after another period of hibernation. Might or might not directly relate to the mathematical concepts of positive and negative numbers, or just be the dialectical answer to a given gender dichotomy.

Some comgender or demiagender neutrois people often have compared their sense of gender to being panzerogender (pangender x panantigender), but not all neutrois people, whether or not they possess extant senses of gender identity, feel that way.

Zerogenders derived from two comgender identities may often feel comgender, but also many times their zerogender is ‘lightweight’ in comparison with the original ones (eugenders), as their owners tend to not be currently pinpointing on them and often focus on other parts of their identities instead; same applies to 0genders taken from genders that relate to partial senses of being gendered. Therefore, zerogender is not to be confused with gendernull or genderless.

Unlike with genderkrieg, the two identities do not exist at the same time, and people of any neurotype can possess one or more zerogenders."1

See also: gemigender, cendgender, numbergender, arithmogender, cadogender, lightgender, equigender and mathgender].

History of the term

Zerogender was coined on June 17, 2018 by tumblr user mogai-ringo. The flags were created at the same time.2

MOGAI-Watch Poem

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Brahmagupta was a genius
and my personal hero:
he was the first to make a digit
for my gender: number zero!


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