Wrathinfernal Flag
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Wrathinfernal is a mythologender defined as "when trauma or any other mental illness that causes rage and anger influences your identity. This can be applied to antisocial personality disorder, paranoid personality disorder, or any type of psychosis with persecutory delusions. Also inherent is an alignment with dark spirituality, dark copinglink identities, and hell. This element involves the spirit of vengeance, a higher vibrational energy, and a current of baneful magick. Often is fluid with or adjacent to wrathinfernal [typo in original; probably meant slothinfernal]."1

It is based on the Deadly Sin of wrath.2

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History of the term

Wrathinfernal was coined on July 21, 2018 Sapphire Crimson-Claw. The flag and the discourse around it sparked the now-infamous MOGAI-Watch Saga in which Sapphire threatened the MOGAI-Watch moderator's life several times, threatened to livestream their own suicide, and then threatened to commit suicide by cop if charges were pressed.3

MOGAI-Watch Poem

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My gender is infernal,
Satan guides my rage;
my wrath should not be questioned–
if you don’t like it, leave my page.


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