Venusgender Flag
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Color meanings: Visually representing the planet Venus.

Venusgender is a sciencegender defined as "(Not to be confused with Venusic) A gender that can be only vaguely felt, but trying to understand it better/more can actually end up hurting you. This is reminiscent of how Venus has some pretty hostile surface conditions (extremely high surface temperatures, covered by clouds of sulfur acid, etc)."1

History of the term

Venusgender was coined on September 9, 2015 by unknown. The flag was posted on that date by Pride-Flags on Deviantart.2

MOGAI-Watch Poem

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Probing your gender isn’t good
when you are Venusgender;
its atmosphere and temperature
will burn you to a cinder.

Better just to let MOGAI
define your gender, hun,
it’s hostile and vaguely-felt
in tight orbit ‘round the sun.


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