Uranugender Flag
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Uranugender is a xenogender defined as "any of the following:

  • A gender related to the planet Earth.
  • A gender influenced by the planet Earth.
  • A gender influenced by a kintype to the planet Earth.
  • A gender related to the Greek Goddess Gaea, or the Roman Goddess Terra, or any other Earth deity.
  • Could also be related to the Greek Goddesses Demeter and/or Persephone, or nymphs, or the Roman Gods Ceres, Faunus, Flora, or Ops.
  • A gender influenced by one’s devotion to any of the aforementioned deities.
  • A gender that can be otherwise explained or identified using the planet Earth.

Subsets of terragender include:

  • Terraboy
  • Terragirl
  • Terranonbinary
  • Terra-agender
  • Terra-androgyne
  • Terra[gender]


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History of the term

Uranugender was coined on or before October 14, 2018 by tumblr user neo-identity. The flag was created at the same time.2

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