Undiesexual (/-romantic/-platonic/-aesthetic/-queerplatonic/-sensual/-alterous) is a miscellaneous MOGAI sexuality defined as "attraction to everyone except cis people."1
note: only for those identifying as nonbinary/trans"

History of the term

Undiesexual was coined on or before August 19, 2014 by maletearsandmisandry via MOGAI-Archive.2 There is no flag.

MOGAI-Watch Poem

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Don’t get your undies in a twist–
I can’t date you, because you’re cis.
I blame your shitty gender ID
for my undisexuality.
For all that I rave and rant
that you must date them if they’re trans,
I still deny you the dubious bliss
of dating me, because you’re cis.


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