Turcallegra is an audiogender defined as "a fast, fleeting gender which feels quick-natured and foreign, moving quickly through and away from your gender as a whole and prone to fast changes in temperament; it is associated with history and the military of the Middle Ages…a portmanteau of “alla turca” and “allegro” (which is the tempo, and important to the gender), with the ending switched to an a to make it seem more feminine-aligned (though any transmascs using this can feel free to switch it to allaturcallegro for a more masc feel if you want)…[based on] Mozart’s Turkish Rondo, or Alla Turca"1


  • ron/ron/rondo/rondos/rondoself (from rondo, the type of piece which it is)
  • tur/turc/turca/turcas/turcaself
  • alla/allegra/allegra/allegras/allegraself

History of the term

Turcallegra was coined on September 17, 2019 by tumblr user panicatthe21falloutromance. There is no flag.2

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