Traumatagender Flag
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Traumatagender (or Traumatgender/Trautgender/Trauatgender) is a neurogender is defined as "a gender that varies; it can change a lot, it could be unknown, it could just be there, it could be nonexistant, etc. whatever it is, it was based from intense trauma. should only be used by those who have experienced or are going through what they consider intense trauma.
derived from the prefix trauat-"1

History of the term

Traumatagender was coined on or before August 25, 2014 by tumblr user furryhell via MOGAI-Archive.2 The flag was created on November 21, 2017 by Fy on Beyond-MOGAI-Pride-Flags.3

MOGAI-Watch Poem

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How can I lead the revolution
if I go to therapy?
If I do, it’s admitting that
there’s something wrong with me.

Health’s just a social construct,
a tool used by the elite
to medically control us,
so we don’t take to the streets.

But if you’re a true radical,
here’s what must be done:
make a gender from your trauma,
for the uprising’s begun.


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