Temnovezgender Flag
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Temnovezgender is a colorgender defined as "a gender that feels dark, but not absent. This gender gives off its own wavelength of light, invisible to the human eye. As a result, it is often difficult for humans to recognize this gender, as they cannot discern the light within it and thus only see an abyss. Those with this gender might feel confused by its apparent emptiness because they can still sense what they cannot truly see. They know there is light within their gender, but it is not visible to their eyes."1

History of the term

Temnovezgender was coined on February 5, 2019 by tumblr user mogai-haven. The flag was created at the same time.2

MOGAI-Watch Poem

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My gender has been studied
by scientists at CERN
because I say it gives of light waves
that humans can’t discern.

The physicists who looked into it
claim they saw only abyss,
and I think it’s quite transphobic
how fast my gender was dismissed.


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