Slothinfernal is a mythologender defined as "when depression, dysthymia, or bipolar depression creates a slowed down identity, one in which anhedonia takes over and you want to sleep and be left alone. Also inherent is an alignment with dark spirituality, dark copinglink identities, and hell. This element involves the spirit of loneliness and reluctance, a lowered vibrational energy, and a current of death magick. Often is fluid with or adjacent to wrathinfernal."1

It is based on the Deadly Sin of sloth.2

See Also:
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History of the term

Slothinfernal was coined on or before July 24, 2018 by in a now-deleted post by Sapphire Crimson-Claw. There is no flag.3

MOGAI-Watch Poem

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Jesus Christ, stop telling me
that I need to get some help–
I’m functioning the only way
I can to be my true self.

It’s normal for me to be depressed
and to sleep my life away–
I’m slothinfernal, bigot,
so stop asking if I’m okay.


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