Siriusgender is a kingender defined as "an inherently masculine gender that is encompassing of all masculine genders and some neutral genders, and it feels like it is bright and glowing, and is a gender influenced by kins, and it is tricky or hard to label. When it is first addressed it is very mysterious and seems to change but settles."1

History of the term

As of April 2, 2019, Siriusgender can only be found mentioned in the mod genders list on uncommongenders.2 The original term was posted before June 6, 2018, when the MOGAI-Watch poem was posted.3 There is no flag.

MOGAI-Watch Poem

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my gender’s super manly,
the MOST manly, I would guess,
it’s an aesthetic catch-all, too,
kin-filled and mysterious.

Did I mention that it glows?
Yeah, it does that, too–
my gender’s fully loaded,
‘cause I’m the height of cool.


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