Shifterfluid Flag
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Color meanings:
Yellow ~ Flux genders
Green ~ Agender identities
Purple ~ Fluid gender
Blue ~ Binary Genders

Shifterfluid (or Superfluidgender / Gendersuperfluid) is a kingender idefined as "a term for someone with shifting identities. Being genderfluid between genderfluid identities including flux and Multigenders. Coined with shifter/polymorphkin in mind but can be used by anyone."1

History of the term

Shifterfluid was coined on or before February 8, 20172by tumblr user JaceMaverick417.3 The flag was created at the same time.

MOGAI-Watch Poem

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I’m a shape-shifter in my soul,
but in this non-kin world of shit,
being shiftergender is
as close as I can get.


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