Self-Masochisogender Flag
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Self-Masochisogender is a neurogender defined as "a gender derived from the shift in emotion during times of self injury of any form that results in release, pleasure or satisfaction. This is only when your gender intensifies from self mutilation or damage, not from another. It counts for demon-kin who feel hatred from homicidal thoughts. Because it counts as hurting!"1

History of the term

Self-Masochisogender was coined on or before June 15, 20182 by tumblr user hell-howl-nd.3

MOGAI-Watch Poem

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Instead of seeking therapy
or going to the doctor,
I log onto tumblr to
see what advice it offers.

There, I see other people
make genders from their pain,
so I’ll genderize my illness
instead of fixing my own brain.


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