Sapphiregender Flag
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Color meanings: Blue to aesthetically represent sapphires, also the varying sizes representing the vague fluidity of the gender.

Sapphiregender is an aesthetigender is defined as "a gender that is aesthetically related to sapphires, a gender that is femminine, nonbinary, and vaguely fluid."1
See also:
emeraldgender, rubygender

History of the term

Sapphiregender was coined on or before March 9, 2017 by tumblr user heiressjane.2 The flag was posted on that day by Pride-Flags on Deviantart.3

MOGAI-Watch Poem

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Rocks are only cool to me
when they’re sparkly and bright–
the same is true with genders,
but that’s quite alright,
my gender ably reflects
the aesthetics that compose it:
those of the gemstone sapphire
(and that is why I chose it).


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