Sapphire Crimson Claw

This page is an edited rip from the lolcow wiki. MOGAI-Watch is not affiliated in any way with Kiwi Farms, just too lazy to re-write a huge fucking wiki article when a good one exists. Personally-identifying information such as legal name, geographic location, profession, and college have been edited out (even though Sapphire themself made much of this public knowledge), and she/her pronouns have been swapped out for they/them as per pronoun preference.

Sapphire Crimson Claw is a social media semi-activist and MOGAI supporter responsible for a number of particularly bad terms. As of January 2019, they are 30 years old.
They are perhaps best known for cursing a Twitter user with the immortal phrase “may your womb be barren,” which has reached meme status in occult circles on Tumblr.

Gender and Sexuality

Sapphire obsessively collects labels. They range from the common, like "asexual," to the invented-by-Sapphire “propeestsexual,” which is a fancy term for when you're really, really asexual.1 Confusingly, despite the large collection of gender labels they've amassed, they often refer to themself as agender. They identify as intersex due to medical anomaly that does not scientifically fall under the definition of intersex and as trans because they are non-binary.

Sapphire often creates their own labels, mostly relating to demons and hell and Satanism, and pride flags to go with them2. They do not identify as all of these genders but seems to enjoy creating them for others to use.

Image Unavailable
Beelzegender pride flag, designed by Sapphire.

Image Unavailable
666gender pride flag, designed by Sapphire.

They also coined the term “wolandsexual”, which refers to the fact that their disabilities sometimes affect their level of desire for romance/their sexual attraction toward someone3. When other Tumblr users were critical of the term, they accused them of not allowing them to “personally see [their] disabilities/illnesses interact with [their] LGBTQ identity” which is, of course, ableism.4

Sapphire's coined genders and sexualities


(or hexakosioihexekontahexagender5) "has a variety of meanings/uses:

  • your gender is associated with the apocalypse/Book of Revelations/the goddess Babalon
  • your gender is associated with the magic constants/magic square, the sum of 6 rows/columns consisting of 111
  • you have 666 genders
  • you hold a deeply held connection and/or are kin with Emperor Nero of Rome
  • your gender is related to table games (as 666 is the sum of all numbers on a roulette wheel)
  • you hold a deeply held connection and/or are kin with Aleister Crowley, who referred to himself as “666 the Beast.”

As with hellgender and/or any of its “infernal” alignments, it is suitable for use by any Satanists, occultists, and/or demonkin, darkkin, monsterkin, etc."6


"a hellgender individual of the void, with no sense of gender or attachment to masculine or feminine energy. Is nevertheless powerful, vengeful, and sexual of a being."7


"for hellgenders (a xenogender specific to demons/species from hell) who are mlm [men who love men]."8


"a gender that conveys dark royalty, aggression, and a deep sense of loyalty to friends."9


"a gender that conveys wisdom with age, dark royalty, and a deep sense of loyalty to friends (may be particular drawn to satanasgenders out of platonic love)"10


"a genderfluid hellgender, that to some conveys laziness, but to others conveys inventiveness and creativity
(basically you’re genderfluid between feminfernal and mascinfernal)"11


"aesthetically associated with space while still having a connection to hell."12


"your identity as a demonkin and/or demonolator is strongly tied to your gender identity."13

Envifernal :

"when people with obsessive-compulsive disorders related to cleaning, counting, or any other external obsession, eating disorders, sleeping disorders, paraphilias or other sexual disorders, or somatic disorders, develop an identity related to wanting a healthy relationship with food, sleep, or anything else troubling them. It can intersect with glutinfernal, but serves as the "middle ground" between desire and fear. Also inherent is an alignment with dark spirituality, dark copinglink identities, and hell. This element involves the spirit of envy, a lower vibrational energy (but not lower than usual, as with slothinfernal), and a current of healing."14


a hellgender with a feminine alignment


"when obsessive-compulsive behaviors (such as hoarding) or a desire to obtain objects (such as kleptomania) creates an identity surrounding a deep desire to keep objects, and a deep fear to lose them. In those with borderline personality disorder, this can also translate as a deep desire to keep people, and a deep fear to lose them. It can also occur in those with delusions of death and loss, or those who believe that they will always be abandoned due to trauma. Also inherent is an alignment with dark spirituality, dark copinglink identities, and hell. This element also involves a fluidity between satisfaction and desperation; between higher and lower vibrational energies; and a combination of manifestation and binding magick.15


"your identity as a goth is strongly tied to your gender identity." [16] [17]


"when you love girls, but especially goth girls."[18]


"when substance abuse, alcohol abuse, or any addictive behavior creates an identity surrounding unbearable need. Also inherent is an alignment with dark spirituality, dark copinglink identities, and hell. This element involves the spirit of desperation, a higher vibrational energy, and a current of manifestation magick. Often is fluid with or adjacent to lustinfernal and/or pridinfernal."19


two different definitions, both coined Sapphire:

  • "Agender but in place of gender, you feel the fires of hell."20
  • "a xenogender specifically for demonkin, darkkin, monsterkin, etc, and/or Satanists, meaning you feel connected to a gender that cannot be described in mundane terms but only by those in hell."21


"a feminine, sexual, seductive gender that conveys a sense of dark royalty, offering a large presence."22


"when mania or a personality disorder creates a seductive identity, making one impulsively seek out sex/romance. Also inherent is an alignment with dark spirituality, dark copinglink identities, and hell. This element involves the spirit of seduction, a higher vibrational energy, and a current of glamour magick. Often is fluid or adjacent to greedinfernal and/or pridinfernal."23


for hellgenders who are wlw


"a hellgender individual with a connection to masculinity. It is not female-aligned, woman, etc, just linked. Can be both powerful and submissive, sexually charged."24


"agender but in place of gender, you’re filled with darkness."25


"your gender can be described as dark, secret, and mysterious."26


"a xenogender pansexual with a preference for other xenogender-identified folks."27


"when people with obsessive-compulsive disorders related to one's own body (BRFBs) or any other internal obsession, eating disorders, body dysmorphic disorder, and people with obsessive compulsive or narcissistic personality disorder, develop an identity related to self-absorption and being seen as perfect. It can also occur in those with delusions of grandeur, or those who have a maladaptive fantasy life, as they cannot see past their own thoughts and ideas. Also inherent is an alignment with dark spirituality, dark copinglink identities, and hell. This element involves the spirit of perfectionism and rigidity in thought and belief, a higher vibrational energy, and a current of glamour magick. This can be fluid with or adjacent to lustinfernal, greedinfernal, and envinfernal."28


"a subset of hellgender in which you feel your gender is empowered by or comes from strictly Lucifer."29


"when your gender feels originated from and influenced by Satan, and conveys both a neutrality and a sense of dark royalty."30


"when depression, dysthymia, or bipolar depression creates a slowed down identity, one in which anhedonia takes over and you want to sleep and be left alone. Also inherent is an alignment with dark spirituality, dark copinglink identities, and hell. This element involves the spirit of loneliness and reluctance, a lowered vibrational energy, and a current of death magick. Often is fluid with or adjacent to wrathinfernal."31


you refuse to conform, as your gender is your own and cannot be dictated by anyone but yourself


"your identity of a witch is strongly tied to your gender identity."32


"when trauma or any other mental illness that causes rage and anger influences your identity. This can be applied to antisocial personality disorder, paranoid personality disorder, or any type of psychosis with persecutory delusions. Also inherent is an alignment with dark spirituality, dark copinglink identities, and hell. This element involves the spirit of vengeance, a higher vibrational energy, and a current of baneful magick. Often is fluid with or adjacent to wrathinfernal [typo in original]."33

Ghost Husbands

Up until recently, Sapphire had four ghost partners (or "spirit companions"). According to them, they each appeared to them in death after they (Sapphire) had strong romantic and sexual feelings toward them (the ghosts)34. They have multiple headcanons about each of them. The most notable thing about their ghost partners is that two of them were brutal murderers in life who only stopped killing when they were caught and died in jail, one serving 15 life sentences and one waiting on death row. Sapphire claims that their partners were “misunderstood” in life and they (Sapphire) were drawn to them because they (Sapphire) were teased as a child for being “different.”35

Image Unavailable
Sapphire rationalizes their love for their murderous ghost husbands.

Michael Jackson

Referred to as “Peter.” Per Sapphire, Michael has been married twice in the afterlife. As of April 2018 he was in a homosexual relationship with Richard Ramirez but refused to marry Richard due to the trauma of his previous failed marriages[11]. He smells like bubblegum and is polysexual, quoiroromantic, and erotogender.36 Michael left the harem in October 2018.

Richard Ramirez

Referred to as “Rick.” Sapphire summoned him from hell in late 201637. In life, Richard Ramirez was a brutal serial killer who murdered 13 people in the mid-1980s. One of his victims was a 9 year-old girl; many of the rest were elderly. In death, he is in a gay relationship with Michael Jackson but also occasionally sleeps with Sapphire, as he conceived an astral child with them in early 201838. Ramirez was the catalyst for Sapphire's interest in Satanism (see: Satanism) and they invoked him the first time they tried to summon a demon. They own a shirt with Ramirez's face on it that reads "SAY YOU LOVE SATAN."

Heath Ledger

Referred to as "Jim." He is their longest ghost relationship, having come to them after his death in November 2008. Sapphire married Heath on 15 February 2018 in a “makeshift marriage ceremony.”39

Jeffrey Dahmer

Referred to as “Jay.” He is the newest member of the ghost harem.40 In life, Dahmer raped, murdered, and dismembered 17 men and young boys; many of his murders involved necrophilia and cannibalism. In death he serves as Sapphire’s platonic BFF and the occasional sexual partner of both Michael Jackson and Richard Ramirez. Dahmer may have left the harem in late 2018; Sapphire has grown secretive about their ghost partners due to ridicule on tumblr, so it can be difficult to tell who remains and who’s departed.

Internet Activity

In early 2011, Sapphire was active on DeviantArt under the username “SweetFedora77,” where they roleplayed as the reincarnated spirit of Michael Jackson.41 Several other users — apparently underage — referred to them as “Daddy” and made art specifically for them42. According to another user, Sapphire was grounded due to their activity on the site and her parents were keylogging their computer43. Sapphire was eventually banned from DeviantArt due to their predatory behavior.

Image Unavailable
The infamous tweet.

After being banned from DeviantArt, they migrated to Tumblr and Twitter. An archive of their Tumblr can be found here. All of their past Twitter accounts have been suspended, but images of their most famous tweet — the "may your womb be barren" curse — exist in various places. As of January 2019, they are most active on Mastodon.
They have a Patreon where you can purchase personalized sigils, a promo on their tumblr (which has since been deactivated), a shoutout on Twitter (also deactivated), drawings, hexes, and spells. As of January 2019, they have zero patrons.

MOGAI-Watch Saga

MOGAI – Marginalized Orientations, Genders, and Identities/Intersex – was created as a way to shove people who identify as stargender (or, in Sapphire’s case, hellgender) under the LGBTQ+ tag. Sapphire despises the Tumblr blog MOGAI-watch, which reblogs cringe-inducing MOGAI posts. The blog doesn’t engage in hate or suicide-baiting; it’s a generally harmless archive of MOGAI posts. Sapphire has their own tag on MOGAI-watch (sapphire) and frequently ran afoul of its moderator when they were active on Tumblr.
On 20 July 2018, Sapphire submitted a few self-designed pride flags to the Tumblr blog Beyond MOGAI Pride Flags, including a “666gender pride” flag and a flag that had “IRA” emblazoned in the center. MOGAI-watch made a brief post commenting that it was easy to tell who made the 666gender flag because the edges were misaligned44, a trait common to flags Sapphire had posted in the past. The mod also commented that it might be a bad idea to have IRA on a gender flag, since to most people IRA refers to the Irish Republican Army.
The MOGAI-watch posts weren’t reblogs and didn’t mention them by name, but Sapphire managed to find them. Within a day they were posting furiously on their own blog, accusing MOGAI-watch of trans gatekeeping and claiming that they had manual dexterity issues in their hands, which accounted for the misaligned flags. They proceeded to have a complete meltdown on their own blog, accusing MOGAI-watch of wanting them dead and enjoying the hypothetical livestream of their hypothetical suicide.

Image Unavailable
Sapphire accusing MOGAI-watch of wanting them dead.

Threats of Suicide, Threats of Murder

On 21 July 2018, Sapphire sent an anonymous ask to MOGAI-watch accusing MOGAI-watch of wanting Sapphire to kill themself. They sent another ask stating that the “IRA” on the flag was supposed to be Latin.45 Despite the MOGAI-watch moderator reassuring them that nobody wanted them dead and pointing out that she’d simply made a critique of a paint image, Sapphire began making threats on an as-yet-undiscovered sideblog46, stating that they wanted to rip the MOGAI-watch mod's head off and shit down her throat47, or maybe rip her bowels out and shove them into her nose48.

Image Unavailable
Posted 7/21/2018 at 19:21:07-04:00
(Like 3:21 pm Eastern time,
about three and a half hours
after the drama started,
based on timestamps.)
(click to enlarge)

Image Unavailable
Posted 7/21/2018 at 23:33 -04:00
(7:33 pm, or roughly six and a half hours
after they sent MOGAI-Watch [[ the post
they’re quoting back the reply to]]
and it blew up in their face)
(click to enlarge)

Image Unavailable
Posted 7/24/2018 at 9:41:37 pm
(still very much during this drama.
They were getting progressively angrier because
MOGAI-Watch continued to be civil to them as
they got more offensive to her. (click to enlarge)

Image Unavailable
The final image, posted on 7/24/2018
at 9:44:40 pm (click to enlarge)

Kiwi Farms chronicled much of the episode in real time, which caused Sapphire to conflate MOGAI-watch with Kiwi Farms and culminated in a four day tantrum on both Tumblr and Twitter where Sapphire suicide-baited and relentlessly accused the MOGAI-watch mod of being a Nazi and wanting them dead; at one point they offered to livestream their suicide.49 Throughout this episode, the MOGAI-watch mod was exceedingly kind to Sapphire despite the vitriol Sapphire was throwing at her, never once rising to the bait. Sapphire finally blocked the blog on 22 July50, but they continued to make aggressive posts threatening the mod for another two days.

The MOGAI-watch posts brought several anonymous callers to Sapphire's Tumblr, which caused them to accuse MOGAI-watch of disseminating "Kiwi Farms shit" to her "horde of anti-SJW trolls." When a commenter pointed out that the "Kiwi Farms shit" was simply screenshots of things Sapphire themself had posted, Sapphire responded with a simple "fuck you."51.

Things settled down for a couple of weeks, and there were no direct interactions between Sapphire and MOGAI-watch. Then, on 11 August 2018, somebody brought Sapphire's secret sideblog, where they’d been making violent threats, to the attention of MOGAI-watch. MOGAI-watch posted screenshots of the threats and the mod noted that they were borderline criminal, given Sapphire's behavior toward the mod in the past.52 When Sapphire realized that htheir secret sideblog had been discovered and their threats had been made public, they began suicide-baiting, threatening to kill themself if MOGAI-watch reported them to police for the threats53.

Image Unavailable
Sapphire threatens to commit
suicide by cop on Twitter (click to enlarge)

Image Unavailable
Sapphire threatens to commit
suicide by cop on Tumblr (click to enlarge)

On 13 August 2018, after noticing that the MOGAI-watch saga had come up again on Kiwi Farms, Sapphire made a series of Twitter posts trying to justify their earlier aggressive, violent messages and convince everybody that 1) they weren’t directing their anger toward any specific person, and 2) they had never actually hurt anyone, so their threats weren't really a big deal.

Sapphire's Twitter Non-Appology

The MOGAI-watch mod's response to Sapphire rightly pointed out that this new Twitter tirade was simply a mess of excuses and rationalizations that ultimately boiled down to "my hard life entitles me to be abusive toward others."54

Later that day, Sapphire messaged MOGAI-watch privately with a much better, less self-centered apology. The MOGAI-watch mod accepted this apology, but also had to ask Sapphire to stop messaging random MOGAI-watch followers and begging them to get the mod to forgive them55. The mod later made another post stating that she'd chatted privately with Sapphire and hoped that the whole incident would now end56. This was the end of open hostilities between Sapphire and MOGAI-watch, but Sapphire still makes veiled threats against the blog, and MOGAI-watch maintains a tag dedicated to chronicling Sapphire's activity.

Image Unavailable
Sapphire's final and more-or-less sincere apology

In early 2019, Sapphire's long history of abusive and violent behavior led to their disavowal by major MOGAI coining/archive site Uncommongenders.57



Sapphire has a habit of impersonating various dead people and demons on the Internet. Per the DeviantArt account mentioned earlier, they have been doing this since at least 2011. Their explanation is that certain spirits and demons can speak through them if they go into a trance and then sit at their computer and type. Predictably, much of what these spirits and demons say through Sapphire is in lockstep with Sapphire's own opinions58, though the spirits have a habit of being openly racist and offensive.

Satan Denounces JoyOfSatan Ministries, 10 December 2018

Sapphire also conducts interviews with various ghosts and demons telepathically. Most of these interviews were on their now-deleted "Spectrophiliacs Anonymous" blog, but they were immortalized in their Kiwi Farms thread60.

An Interview with the Ghost of Michael Jackson

An Interview with the Ghost of Jeffrey Dahmer

An Interview with the Ghost of Heath Ledger

An Interview with the Ghost of Richard Ramirez

An Interview with the Demon Haures, 1 May 2017

At one point, Stephanie's four ghost husbands had their own Tumblr account, "the4dudes," and the account sent several aggressive asks to another Tumblr user who upset them (Sapphire). Some of the messages — the ones from Richard Ramirez — were in Spanish. One, sent by Michael Jackson, used the word "nigga." (The Tumblr user who received these messages at first accepted Sapphire's eventual apology for the messages their "partners" sent, but the user did not realize until later that the men responsible were not actual people but ghosts.)


I Sold My Soul to Pass: and Other Trans Tales from the Dark Side

Stephanie is the self-published author of several short stories in a compilation called I Sold My Soul to Pass: and Other Trans Tales from the Dark Side. The book is available on for free to users of Kindle Unlimited.


Karmic Slaughter

Storm is a non-binary teen whose gender is unknown, even to themselves. They suffer from “Dyshophoria of the Dick” and long to have a more feminine body. Storm is also a goth who idolizes Marilyn Manson and wears white foundation powder, black eyeliner, and black lipstick to try and emulate “his royal Antichrist Superstar highness.”

"Storm was sixteen years old, full of hormones, and full of rage. Occasionally, heavy metal music, horror movies, creepypastas, and scary stories from Reddit countdown videos on Youtube did the trick for nym, but lately, ne had grown colder inside. Actually, it alternated: the baseline was cold, but the heat increased by gradients. The heat was anger. The anger’s source was being who ne was in a world that did not understand.”

Nobody understands Storm, especially the bullies at their school like Simon Sharkey, or “Shark” to his pals. Shark is very cool. His girlfriend Tina is captain of the cheerleaders and he’s very popular amongst the rest of the student body.

"Simon Sharkey, whom most of the student body referred to by the moniker “Shark” because he was lithe, agile, cunning, and ferocious, scowled in distaste. As Storm stood at the corkboard in the main foyer, having a brief look at it on nym’s way to homeroom, Shark had nym cornered, as he was wont to do, and his scavengers were in attendance, waiting to gobble up the scraps of his social carnage.”

Storm has only two friends: Lainey Safechuck, a slim girl who used to be fat and struggles with bulimia, and Jacqueline St. Clair, a smart girl and valedictorian of her class. Lainey and Jackie have been busy the past few weeks planning a Pride event at the school, handing out fliers and drumming up interest, but there’s a problem: the event has suddenly been cancelled to make room for a football game. Storm finds this upsetting.

"Far, far away, Storm heard a grinding in one’s head, felt slivers break into nis palms and spring fresh, coppery blood to be smelt in the incoming breeze from students in motion, coming and going through the foyer, and the sound, like a distant whistle, growing closer, climbing in pitch, only identifiable as the peel of rage, the rage that perpetually boiled in a molten core in nis diaphragm and only so often, only seldom, spiking the temperature of her visceral cavity as it was excreted from its dormant cage and rose, with that whistle, that if one listened, sounded more and more like the shriek of a suffering human being –
“C’mon,” snorted Tina in her most condescending voice, “freak’s in la-la land, probably meditating on when it’ll cut of its penis, or something.”
It took a few seconds before Storm realized that the bestial bellow and resounding echo off the stairwells had, in fact, been produced from within nym.

This is the last straw for Storm, who immediately punches Tina in the mouth. As a result, Storm is suspended from school for three days. Their mother is very disappointed in them. Only their older brother, Tom, is sympathetic.

“Storm could only find compassion and empathy in nis older brother, Tom, who understood nis gender better and thought of it as “ignorant bullshit” that they considered nis actions of self-defense of his emotional well-being and dignity “misogynist in nature and completely inappropriate” (oh, gee, they knew their social justice lingo then).”

Storm begins having vivid, violent dreams in which they command a legion of monstrous spider-like beings who help them beat people to death. The dreams are so pleasant that Storm experiences nocturnal emissions during them.

“Spiders. No, more than that – tremendously large, bulbous, differently-headed arachnid-like morbid shits of the creator. Could God possibly conceive of living things like this? No, thought Storm, rather his opposite. These were beings of Satan. Beings was too strong of a word, as due to ne being master of their control, they could not possibly be sentient. They stampeded upon nis enemies with no particular organization, and no particular purpose beyond nis prime directive: do not discriminate, kill every motherfucker that gets in your way.”

Storm confides in their friend Lainey about these dreams. Lainey doesn’t seem to care very much. She tells Storm that she thinks she might be trans too. Lainey decides to skip school the next day and meet up at Storm’s house. When Lainey shows up, she’s no longer Lainey, she’s Lance, apparently having transitioned in the 12 hours since her phone conversation with Storm.

“Lainey came the next day, only she wasn’t Lainey, she was Lance. It both floored and utterly excited Storm to see his best friend masculine presenting as no one had yet seen her before – or, should ne say, him?
“How long have you known this?” came Storm’s initial query.
“Not long,” Lance said, “probably just as long as you’ve known about yourself. You’ve really inspired me to be who I really am, Storm.”
Storm began to cry, and Lance hugged nym. They were truly a pair of misfits. Always had been, always would be now.”

Transitioning from Lainey to Lance has changed Lance completely. While Lainey was shy and introverted, Lance is boisterous and confident, the “spark of a lion” shining in his eyes. After talking at Storm’s house the two go shopping for binders, and in the course of their shopping trip, Storm falls in love with Lance.


Storm spends the next two days at home due to their suspension, daydreaming about Lance but also feeling a strange sense of dread they can’t quite describe. When they eventually return to school, they find a poster on the school doors that reads ‘’Memorial service for Lainey Safechuck held in the gymnasium, 2pm.’’ Apparently, during the last two days of Storm’s suspension, Lance had come out to his parents, who disapproved, and had come out to his classmates, who ridiculed him and eventually beat him to death in the locker room during gym class. Nobody has been charged for Lance’s murder. Storm storms into the principal’s office to demand more action be taken against transphobic bullying in the school. The principal doesn’t really care and tells Storm to leave before they’re expelled. Storm leaves.
At the memorial service that afternoon, Storm stands up and gives a eulogy for Lance.

“HE TRUSTED YOU!” Storm declared.
And when the principal came waddling, Storm acting not on impulse but out of spite, raised the mic stand off the floor and pointed it angrily in his direction to impede his path, issuing a gasp from the school administration.
“Young man –“ the principal began, but Storm silenced them, too.
“I AM NOT A MAN!” ne bellowed. “But Lance was, and rather than accept it, you buried him! You should all be ashamed of yourselves, how can you sleep at night?”
A deafening silence told Storm that nis words were beginning to register.”

But Shark, the school bully, has something to say too.

“I don’t care what that nigger in Washington says!” Simon bellowed, startling everyone not only with his raised voice but the vitriol it carried. “We don’t gotta accept no faggots, no trannies, no fairies, no sissies of any kind, because this is the United States of America, and we have freedom of speech!” At this outburst, even Tina looked on in disgust. But he had more. As the principal turned to address this new, more antagonistic insurrection, Shark continued roaring about libery [sic] and the right to “kill any homo that dared look funny my way,” unabated.”

The principal eventually drags Shark out of the gymnasium, but Shark has a parting gift for Storm and Jackie: a pair of bloody underwear. He laughs as he explains that, as Lance was dying (and, inexplicably, alone) in the emergency room, Shark entered his room and raped him to remind Lance that Lance was still really a girl.


An excerpt describing the gymnasium massacre.

“She wasn’t dead yet, fuckers! Hahahaha!” he brayed. “I know because I snuck in there after all the doctors had left. I wanted to make sure! Real sure! Lil’ bitch still had a pulse! Lil’ bitch had some fight left in her, too! Pinned her down and reminded her she wasn’t no fucking man! Maybe a fag, but even a fag don’t have a pussy! Hahaha! I did it, arrest me, cunts, I did it! Hahahaha!”

Storm’s body then spontaneously bursts open and the spiders from his dreams begin pouring out of his bloody chest cavity, murdering everybody left in the gymnasium, including his and Lance’s best friend Jackie. It’s okay that Jackie was killed, Storm reasons, because she was cis.

“Had Jackie made it out? Who knows, who cares, the Storm of friendship, allyship, compassion, and forgiveness was dead, gone, buried under geological centuries of age, drowning under untold ocean depths of vengeance, and really, despite her effots, Jackie was still cis, wasn’t she? Yes, Jackie was still cis, and as the meme said, die cis scum, die from disembowelment, die from decapitation, die from disintegration, die suffering in agony and beg the Lord for your soul that is if he isn’t trans Himself.”

The end. (A news article called “Sole Survivor of High School Gym Disaster Speaks” serves as a brief epilogue and reveals that Jackie did indeed survive the massacre.)


Sapphire identifies as a Theistic Satanist, demonolator, and kemetic.61 Prior to becoming a Satanist, Sapphire identified as a Buddhist, but was inspired to become a Satanist after reading The Night Stalker by Philip Carlo, a detailed account of the crimes of Richard Ramirez. Ramirez was a self-identified Satanist and often forced his victims to pray to Satan before he murdered them. Sapphire felt that Satanism fit her "personal aesthetic" better, as they've always been into the paranormal62. They invoked Ramirez the first time they tried summoning a goetic demon63.

Image Unavailable
Stephanie describes how Richard Ramirez led her to Satanism.

Aesthetics are an important part of Sapphire's attraction to Satanism. Though they claim that their devotion to Satan isn't for show and that they do their ceremonies alone and in the dark, they routinely post about them later on Tumblr or Mastodon, and posts pictures of their sigils and spells. They also wear clothing reflecting their identity as a witch and several of the pins on their fedora are related to Satanism and the paranormal.
Sapphire has a small "altar" in their bedroom where they practice Satanism. An example of one of their rituals, performed on 23 December, “Satan’s favorite day”:

“I created an incense blend to reflect Capricorn and Aquarius, his two signs, and Uranus and Venus, being planets representative of his aspects of both Satan and Lucifer. (Uranus being associated with Capricorn, the goat, and Venus associated with the Morning Star, ergo Lucifer). It goes as follows: wormwood, rose oil, comfrey, chamomile, rosemary, bergmont, mugwort, catnip, fennel, valerian, clove, cinnamon.
On December 23rd, I’ll either put this out as an offering or burn it, outside conditions for ritual permitting. Then I’ll light some candles (usually black and/or my dragon’s blood scented one) and read a prayer. And of course, repeat all of this on Imbolc, February 2nd.”64

An example of a sigil, performed on 5 January 2017:

“Used sigil to curse dad. Not intending to hurt him, just to get him to realize the pain he’s caused lately. When doing dishes, held in hand, ‘punched’ water, then put into his mug. Took it out, spit on it. Finally, put in toilet and peed on.”65

Sapphire started out as a LaVeyan Satanist, but they eventually "graduated" to Theistic Satanism[39], meaning they believe that Satan is a real entity. They have made posts railing against LaVeyan Satanism because LaVeyans do not believe in a literal Satan, while Sapphire themself does. They feel that LaVeyans hog the limelight from “true” Satanists and has referred to them as “the occult equivalent of incels.”66

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