Sandwichgender Flag 3
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Sandwichgender Flag 2
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Sandwichgender Flag 1
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Red represents femininity, Green represents Masculinity, and Yellow is for NB/Non-Conforming. The ‘bread’ of the Sandwich Flag can be changed to represent people of color. Smaller lines can be inserted between the bigger lines to represent flux-genders and spectrums, clarifying how intense the feeling of the identity is, and are coined as condiments within this specific gender.

Sandwichgender is a gastrogender defined as "for when your gender feels layered and sandwiched between your race/ethnicity. Contents of sandwich can be flipped and exchanged depending on the intensity your identity."1

Possible Pronouns:

  • Brea/Bread/Breads
  • Crus/Crust/Crusts

History of the term

Sandwichgender was coined on February 7, 2019 by possible (likely) troll tumblr user galaxy-starlight-queer. The flags were created at the same time.2 Despite the likely troll origins of this term, it has been reblogged by several legitimate MOGAI blogs.

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