Rouene Flag
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Colour meanings:
Red, for the influence neurodiversity has over your genders,
White, for the multigender spectrum,
Purple, for neurodiversity.

Rouene (or Rouegender) is a neurogender defined as "when you have multiple genders due to being neurodivergent.

  • Someone who has BPD and splits on their gender, becoming or identifying more strongly with another gender. They may still identify with their old gender, but since they’ve split on it they don’t want to be that gender anymore, though they may go back to it later.
  • Someone who is autistic and their special interest is gender(s), and they ‘collect’ genders, possibly due to being fascigender (a gender influenced by special interests).
  • Someone who, due to neurodivergency, has difficulty making decisions (e.g, autism, ADHD, DPD), and therefore can’t ‘decide’ what gender they are (i.e, can’t pinpoint it).
  • Someone who simply feels like their multigender-ness stems from being neurodivergent.

Pronounced roo-en-ee / roo-eh-gender. From rouen, an anagram of neuro-.1"

History of the term

Rouene was coined on May 20, 2019 by tumblr user neurogender (aka xeno-aligned). The flag was created at the same time.2

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