Robosexual Flag 2
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Robosexual Flag 1
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Robosexual (/-romantic/-platonic/-aesthetic/-queerplatonic/-sensual/-alterous) is a miscellaneous MOGAI sexuality defined as "sexual/romantic attraction to robots."1

History of the term

Robosexual was coined on or before August 26, 2014 by unknown via MOGAI-Archive.2 The first flag was created in December 2015 by vocawolfutau on Deviantart.3 It is unclear where the second flag came from, but it was shared by Beyond-MOGAI-Pride-Flags on January 22, 2018.4

MOGAI-Watch Poem

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Robosexuality is so misunderstood,
and those who just call it a fetish
have a screw loose under the hood.
I long for the gallant cyborg
I see often in my dreams
to build for us a little house
by a burbling data stream.


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