Quesneu Flag
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Quesgirl Flag
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Quesboy Flag
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Quesgender Flag
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Red, orange, yellow, white: All together represent the different genders you look through in search of yours.
Grey: For confusion
Black: Represents a barrier between you & the term(s) you’re looking for

Quesgender is a fancy way of saying Questioning defined as " From the word quest. When you know you have another (or a few more) gender identities in addition to the one(s) you’ve already pinpointed but no matter how much you search existing terms nothing seems to stick nor can you figure out how to describe it yourself.
Can be used as place holder until you find the right term(s) or as a permanent identity if you think you’ll never be able to find the right term(s). This is the gender equivalent of Pursu- which is specifically aspec."1

Table of Contents

History of the term

Quesgender was coined on August 7, 2019 by tumblr user zombifisgender. The flags were created at the same time by tumblr user neopronouns.2

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