Puellix Flag
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This flag is based upon an alternate Mädchen flag that I had created, derived from the original Mädchen flag, made by user coloneldotexe. The color pallet is derived from the strawberry pink/red colors of the Mädchen flag, which represent nonbinary/abinary femininity, and the colors of the Pangender flag.

Puellix is a fancy way of saying you’re GNC defined as "an Abinary gender that is similar to Female, but lies outside of the binary gender spectrum. The person has feminine qualities but mostly identifies with nonbinary, abinary, or omni-aligned/Polygender gender descriptors and terms.
From Latin, “Puella”, meaning “girl” and an otherine modification of the feminizing suffix, “-trix” to “-ix”, used to describe one who performs a given action.
This word is inspired by the term Mädchen, coined by user coloneldotexe. Mädchen differs from Puellix in that a Mädchen identifies with neuter descriptors, while a Puellix individual identifies with Omnigender/Pangender/Polygender descriptors.1"

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History of the term

Puellix was coined on February 20, 2020 by tumblr user gender-resource. The flag was created at the same time.2

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