Prismgender is a neurogender defined as "[your] experience of gender is heavily influenced by [your] adhd.
[you] impulsively change [your] gender expression as well as the way [you] view [yourself], depending on whatever [you're] currently SUDDENLY LIKING A LOT on or just on a whim because [you're] bored.
when [you] feel comfortable with something, [you] always get fed up after a while and need a change…once [you] decide on a label to use for [yourself], [you've] probably already changed and it doesn’t fit anymore.
but at the same time [you] do not experience this as actually shifting [your] gender, like…for example genderfluidity. [you are] always the same gender, that means that the frequent changes, the adaptability to [your] mood and [your] hyperfixations, the impulsive decisions, and the inability to settle for something ARE [your] gender."1

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History of the term

Prismgender was coined on June 27, 2019 by tumblr user kriegsrhetorikinspace.2 There is no flag.

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