Princegender Flag
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Princessgender Flag
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Pringender Flag
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Pringender/Princessgender/Princegender is an aesthetigender is defined as "a soft but grandiose gender; The individual with this gender feels that their identity feels majestic, imposing and grand, but also prim, cute and ethereal. Often involves a gender expression that is soft and feminine, but commanding and confident. May openly pursue reverence of their identity from others and/or be very vocal about their identity to others, with pride. Softer, cuter and less acute than Regisgender. Can be Princegender (male aligned), Princessgender (female aligned), or Pringender (nb aligned. can also use any nonbinary variation, such as princengender.)1

History of the term

Pringender/Princessgender/Princegender was coined on or before March 5, 2017 by tumblr user Pastelmemer.2 The flags were created on March 5, 2017 by Pride-Flags on Deviantart.345

MOGAI-Watch Poem

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I have a royal gender,
and I have had from birth–
it’s as prim as it’s majestic,
both lofty and down-to-earth.

You must bow to my gender
unless you want me to shout–
not doing so is transphobic,
and I will call you out.


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