Pride-Flags-For-Us (PPFU) is one of the earliest and most prolific MOGAI coining and flag-making tumblr blogs. Flags created by and through through them still have a great deal of influence in the MOGAI community, as well as in the wider LGBT community. This is unfortunate, as three of the mods responsible for some of the most influential things (the bigender flag, the aromantic flag, and the popularization of nounself-pronouns pronouns) face a number of relatively well-cited allegatons that they are massive creeps (and two of them are actually the same person).

Its creator, mod Nikolai, regrets ever starting Pride-Flags-For-Us.

I regret ever making pffu
It turned into a shitshow. The only thing I wish I’d done was stay so that I could correct all the bad shit I started.1

History of the Site

From Pride-Flags-For-Us (under new management)

This blog was created in 2014, in order to create pride flags for those who did not have them. It was where the agender flag was created (I still have copies of some of the very first drafts submitted by tumblr user transrants), and where some of the first drafts for the nonbinary flag was submitted. It’s had a pretty turbulent history since then.

Early Nonbinary Flag Draft 1
Image Unavailable
(by transrants on pffu)
Early Nonbinary Flag Draft 2
Image Unavailable
(by transrants on pffu)
Early Nonbinary Flag Draft 3
Image Unavailable
(by transrants on pffu)
Early Nonbinary Flag Draft 4
Image Unavailable
(by transrants on pffu)

Many found it’s content increasingly offensive in the years to come with inclusion of flags for sexual attractions that had absolutely nothing to do with sexual orientaion (or even flags for experiencing attraction but simply not wanting a relationship), and the coining and flag-making of words used to describe how certain individuals felt gender that had absolutely nothing to do with gender itself. Feelings such as “cute” “soft” “dangerous” or “natural”. And while these are valid ways to feel about one’s gender, they are not genders. If you are unsure about your gender, the word is “questioning”. Among the mods who came and went where Mod Sto, Mod Sunny(lesbiandoe/no-bucks-for-this-doe [aka the tumblr user responsible for the bigender flag controversy]), Mod Raleigh, and Mod Dave. I’m sure there were more but these where the most active ones that I remember.

In 2017 Mod Ita was introduced. Ita was a troll who had made their account with the sole purpose of taking over this blog. For months they designed flags, coined words, and even discovered terms from the original mogai-archive that had been lost to time. They had a friend who went by Mod Celes who was enlisted as a part of this plan as well.

Eventually, Ita’s trolling ways were discovered, and they were asked to leave. While former Mod Dave was at a party, Ita deleted every single post on this blog, added a bunch of random accounts as admins, and deleted their blog.

After the debacle, Dave left as a mod, and the random accounts were left. Among them was myself and 3 others, Mod Mimikyu, Mod Math, Mod Ignatius(me, although I go by Nat now), and Mod Celes. Celes was staying on the team in an attempt to run the blog legitimately.

After a few bumps, Celes a link to a google document titled “Celes’ trans rant” where Mod Celes talked about what gender personally meant to them. During this rant, Celes went on to say that most nonbinary people grow out of it which is what finally prompted me to ask them to leave. Celes protested and made their own pride flag blog, but ultimately respected my wishes and has not posted since (although their account is still listed as an admin).

Due to this, and to Mod Math and Mod Mimikyu’s accounts still being listed, as well as former mod (Mod Bucky?) this blog will never be able to be deleted. I have tried and failed to get in contact with former Mod Bucky. I let this blog sit idle for while while the controversy of being taken over and angry anons calmed down, and I have been running this blog solo since. I have the projects of the “Orientation Flags” and “Gender Flags” pages as easy-access resources, which I have decided to continue, and I hope to do my best to make this blog a safe and welcoming environment. Feel free to shoot me asks asking for flags or support or labels or whatever, and I will do my best to answer. I will never be taking on new mods for this blog, so please don’t ask. You can also reach me @nonbinary-dysphoria (made by yours truly) and @forthebigenders,(inhereted after the admin realized they were actually a trans man) as I run those blogs as well. Please be polite when sending in asks, as I am genuinely very sensitive. This blog is supposed to be safe for minors, so inappropriate asks discussing things such as the requirements for one to feel sexual attraction, or even using offensive language, will be deleted. Please respect my boundries, and thank you."
-Nat on PPFU

Notable Mods

With the help of Nat, the current admin of Pride-Flags-For-Us (who remembers a lot of events and details about the mods of pffu at its height) MOGAI-Watch had discovered some troubling allegations about several of pffu's moderators.

Mod Roswell (aka pastelmemer)

All accusations against pastelmemer have not been tried or proven in a court of law (as far as this wiki is aware). They should be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

"Roswell coined about half the terms on mogai archive, including but not limited to lovegender and gendercute…if you come across any uncredited flags from 2014-2015, or possibly current as it seems they are once again active in that community, it’s safe to assumed it was made by Roswell.2"
[They] "(remade at pastel///roswell for but is still pastelmemer on deviantart- I am only saying this for blocking/safety purposes for minors, do not harass them) is now a mod at the pride-flags deviantart, and TW: [allegedly] coerced and groomed a 14 year old freshman while they were an adult in high school along with their boyfriend at the time3… The testimony from their victim from high school is archived on a wesbite with a bad reputation and is known for it’s transphobia(however it is extremely anti-censorship, which is why so many things are archived there) so I’ll only link it if someone asks off anon so I can respond privately(I fear that linking it here will result in people using it to upset themselves/emotional self harm, and I will not provide links to minors or people I suspect are minors).4
-Nat on PPFU

The reason pride-flags-for-us provided no links was concrete. This wiki will continue pride-flags-for-us’s “no linking” thing for particularly dire content, because a lot of the content is disturbing in the extreme, and I refuse to share (or even click on) the archive links for some of it.
For more detailed information, see Pastelmemer.

"Mod Sunny" and "Mod Lex"

All accusations against Mod Sunny and Mod Lex have not been tried or proven in a court of law (as far as this wiki is aware). They should be presumed innocent until proven guilty

"Mod Sunny" (AKA: jewishkuvira, autisticgaybolin, lesbianwrites, 031exuberantwitness, bipolaraang, yuetara, thankyoureally, lesbiandonkey, lesbiandoe, autisticamydyer, lesbiangamora, no-bucks-for-this-doe, heterophobicdonkey, heterophobicgoat, elodiefay, vachinas, ohonhonhonhon5 was responsible for the coining of a large number of terms on mogai-archive and pride-flags-for-us, many music-related. Sunny was also responsible for the current aromantic flag and all a-spec variations6 because they claimed yellow caused them to have a sensory overload.7 The lack of colors on the aroromantic flag other than black/white/green has lead to flag makers using green to represent romantic attraction.

They also created the bigender flag.8

"Mod Lex" (AKA: princessprincey, cisphobicshibe, protarchaeopteryx9, hyaenahart,daemutt, faerieli, schizosovereign, crypticprinxe, prinxe-null, meganinfia10|11).
Under the faerieli username, "Mod Lex" was responsible for getting the ball rolling on neopronouns.12|13|14

A supposed ex-partner of Sunny's named "Charlie" wrote a lengthy and (apparently) well-documented call out letter accusing them of "rape, sexual abuse, pedophilia, transphobia, suicide, incest, and general emotional abuse and manipulation."15

It turns out that this "ex" was Mod Lex, and that Mod Lex was a sockpuppet account for Mod Sunny, meaning the whole drama was invented, but there is still some evidence that a number of allegations against this person, whoever they are, are genuine. This includes an inappropriately age-disparate relationship they likely based the entire twisted call-out charade above on.
For a much more in-depth account, see "Mod Sunny" and "Mod Lex".

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