Praedicogender Flag
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Praedicogender is a personagender/esmogender defined as "a gender that has strong psychic energy. People who identify as praedicogender are good at predicting the future accurately. Stress, anxiety, and negativity cloud their intuition. Usually used by supernatural otherkin, such as angelkin, fallenangelkin, demonkin, dragonkin, etc. However, humans can use this identity too.
Only people who have Romani or Irish Traveller ancestry can identify as such. Assuming this identity if you are not related to either one is blatantly disrespectful and transphobic. It is also cultural appropriation."1


  • Lun (pronounced Loon)/Sol/Lunaself/Solself

Whether Lun or Sol is used depends on intuition at any given moment. If lun’s intuition is clouded, use lun/lunaself. If sol’s intuition is strong, use sol/solself.

History of the term

Praedicogender was coined on February 13, 2019 as a joke by tumblr user lizardwizard394. The flag was created at the same time.2 Despite being a pretty obvious joke, it was reblogged by two legitimate MOGAI blogs (variant-archive and lgbtqiarchive).

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