Platonic/Aplatonic Attraction (According to MOGAI)

This section is a word-for-word rip from various MOGAI sources.

Platonic Attraction

Platonic Attraction is defined as "the desire to have a platonic (love or friendship, not sexual) relationship with a specific person."1 Platonic attraction exists on a spectrum, just like there's a spectrum for sexual and romantic attractions. Some people consider aplatonic [no desire for platonic attraction] spectrum as MOGAI, some do not. The abbreviation for aplatonic is "apl" (pronounced "apple").2

Aplatonic spectrum

The aplatonic spectrum was originally created in the aromantic community, as well as by trauma survivors and neurogivergent folks to describe not feeling platonic attraction (a strong desire to get to know and spend time with someone in a non-romantic non-sexual way. These kinds of attraction typically lead to friendship or, in some cases QP relationships), which are also called "squishes" (as opposed to romantic "crushes").3

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