Pixiegirl Flag 2
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Pixiegirl Flag
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Pixieboy Flag 2
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Pixieboy Flag
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Pixiegender Flag
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it’s like pixelgender with an association with magic, [it's] sorta like the pixelgender flag turned sideways. And with shades of purple for the whites and greys, since purple is more associated with magic!

Pixiegender is a mythologender defined as:

  1. "based off of pixelgender; feeling a small amount of a certain gender and being related to magic."1
  2. "A gender linked to the aesthetics or energy of fairies."2


The second definition says "Can you [sic] any pronouns but pix/pixs/pixself was made specifically for this gender."3

History of the term

Pixiegender was coined first on or before September 27, 2014 by unknown via MOGAI-Archive.4 It was re-coined on June 4, 2018 by now-deleted tumblr blog mogaiandobscuregenders101. The diamond flags were created on or before July 20, 2017 by anonymous via Pride-Flags on Deviantart. [5][6][7] The second pixieboy and pixiegirl flags were created within the post by mogaiandobscuregenders101, but it has since been deleted. They can be seen here.

MOGAI-Watch Poems

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I have yet to outgrow
my Peter Pan obsession
so when I made up a gender,
there was never any question;

though I lack dysphoria
and confuse “gender” for “obsession”
I’m a proud pixiegender,
and I suffer great oppression.


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I guess I just don’t realize
that “fairy” is a slur,
but if I did, I wouldn’t care,
that’s for goddamn sure.

I’m a proud pixieboy,
with the aesthetic of a fairy
because it’s far too boring
to just say I’m nonbinary.


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