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Though personalitygenders and esmogenders are not quite the same thing, they’re so closely-related that it made sense to group them together. Personalitygender is a subtype of aesthetigenderwherein the gender takes on the emotional traits of a sentient being. Esmogender is a subtype of aesthetigender in which the gender causes the person identifying as said gender to feel specific emotions. Alternately, it is a gender which is felt under specific emotional circumstances. They are both pretty poor bases for a gender, and often seem to reflect the personality (or desired personality) of the person using the term. This is, somehow, a controversial thing to point out.

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History of the terms

"Personalitygender" was coined by MOGAI-Watch for this wiki as a way of trying to categorize MOGAI nonsense. "Esmogender" was coined on October 31, 2017 by an anonymous submitter to Uncommongenders.1. The flag was created on June 15, 2018 by fallenangelkinblr.2
The coiner of esmogender later renounced MOGAI.

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MOGAI-Watch Poem

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I undergo a gender change
when I’m bored in class;
when I’m interested, I am male,
when I’m angry, I’m gendervast.


List of Terms



Abalienobaonic is defined as "a gender that feels alienated from the rest of the identity, or sold off to another part of the identity"4


Abdominusbaonic is defined as "a gender that consistently is gluttonous for more genders, and therefore will scrounge up any it finds and put them in its “stomach”"5


Abimegender is defined as "a gender identity that feels profound, deep, or infinite. Can be used by itself, or as a prefix to describe another gender (abimegirl, abimeagender, etc)."6


Absconditogender is defined as "a gender that feels deep, dark, profound, and concealed."7


Accipiogender is defined as "a term that encompasses people who were born and raised up without the imposition of gender roles (with gender neutral parenting), and who may or may not identify themselves with some gender (s) later on."8


Adamasgender (the S can remain silent or not): is defined as "a gender that refuses to be categorized and that in it of itself is its indomitable essence. from the greek root ADAMAS [meaning: untameable]"9


Adversigender is defined as "a gender that refuses to meet expectations; a gender that shifts because validating language always becomes oppressive quickly; somebody that resents being told what their gender is, even if it is a term they previously applied to themselves."10


Affloris is defined as "a gender influenced by emotions, especially happiness. Specifically sexually attracted to non-binary folk."11


Amplusian is defined as "a gender better described as a non-strict identity (not static, solid or stable), or when your gender is very wide, varied and miscellaneous.
This can describe someone who is gendergaz (genderflux, genderfluid) or fluidflux (fluxfluid/genderfluix/fliux/liquid).12


Anacairgender is defined as "when you become uneasy, distressed and or feel discomfort because of your gender changing, could also mean when you become uneasy, distressed and or feel discomfort, your gender changes13"


Anarchogender is defined as "a gender rooted in the subversion of gender roles or gender as a whole!"14


Angugender is defined as "gender related to closeness."15


Anler is derived "from “anger” and “choleric”. This is a strong-willed gender, they feel determined and certain about who they are. They will feel angry if other people insist that their gender does not exist, and feel very grounded and supported by their gender."16


Anoieric is defined as "coming from the old french word anoier, meaning annoying, this is a gender that’s a mild inconvenience; where you feel like you’d rather not have it, but you can’t be bothered to worry or stress about it, so it’s there, being slightly annoying."17


Antifagender is defined as "an antifascist gender."18


Apocagender is defined as "a gender that feels chaotic and imminent, or feels futile, like if the world was ending in an apocalypse. It could be made feminine or masculine, like apocaboy or apocagirl…inspired by the term apocasexual."19


Aptugender is defined as "a gender that is fitted just for you, connected, and very secure in yourself. You may not know what this gender is, but it Is very strong and prepared.
This term is based on the latin term aptus, which means fitted, connected, fastened and prepared."20


Arderegender is defined as "doesn't have to be in relation to emotions. Just in relation to the definition of ardent! Burning, passionate, intense, emotional, etc."21


Authoritarian-Centergender is defined as "when your gender feels authoritarian center on the political compass."22


Authoritarian-Leftgender is defined as "when your gender feels authoritarian left on the political compass."23


Authoritarian-Rightgender is defined as "when your gender feels authoritarian right on the political compass."24


Avslappnandean is defined as "a gender that’s beautiful and relaxing, but discomforting and melancholic at the same time."25



Benegender is defined as "“gentle, good”; a gender identity that is very low key and soft; positive gender (meaning that it’s there [not that it’s a “good” gender compared to others]; not an absence of gender). Used to describe a gender that is felt by the person/being as an undertone."26


Bettx is defined as "a fierce but fragile gender, that will fight for as long as possible but may fail due to neglect. the owner of the bettx gender may get angry when their identity is called into question.27"


Bodygender is defined as "when you dont have a gender you just have a body type. or that body type is your gender. doesnt have to be the body type that you have. “what’s your gender?” “short and buff.”"28


Boilgender is defined as "a gender that feels so hot that it is boiling, and/or; only appears and/or is noticeable when angry."29



Caminusgender is defined as "a gender where one feels a strong warmth and a strong connection to multiple genders (at least two) or none at all and identifies with feeling warm and fuzzy inside."30


Cavitine (or Putrafors) is defined as "a gender that feels like it is decaying and developing holes, like it has a cavity in it, but is still present. The gender might eventually fade away completely, but it might not."31


Celaregender is defined as "a gender kept in secrecy. this gender will very seldomly [sic] show itself to you and others. when it is isnt [sic] there, a small hole in the identity may be felt, a part that has been lost or unknown"32


Centristgender is defined as "when your gender feels centred [sic] on the political compass."33


Chaegender is defined as "a fluid gender that is chaotic and unpredictable, it may or may not be definable. Sometimes the shifts are subtle, other times harsh and sudden. The best way to describe this gender is a swirling vortex of genders, all spiderwebbing together at various points.
chaegender comes from the word chaos, and is pronounced kay-gender."34


Changegender is defined as "a gender that changes over time or suddenly due to a shift in one’s mindset, or general emotions."35


Chaosgender is defined as "when your gender does lots of confusing things and doesn’t make sense to anyone."36


Cheiragender is defined as "genderfluid with a gender always or usually in opposition to what the owner wants it to be at a given time."


Claresugender is defined as "a gender characterized by a bright, strong desire to rise up and stand against oppression, bullying, and hate. Can be a modifier, or a gender on its own.
It can be compared to a sunrise in that this gender feels strongest and most stable after dark times.
The name is taken from Latin words for “bright” and “rise”. "37


Cliugender is defined as "a gender that feels soft, lovely, and gentle."38


Concedogender is defined as "when you cannot be defined as questioning because you no longer question, but you never reached a particular identity. You conceded and said “I’m okay with not finding out”39


Confundogender is defined as "a gendered feeling that is confusing to the person experiencing it, to the point that they cannot define or explain it."40


Contragender is defined as "illegal gender. if your this gender your breaking the law"41


Coulrogender is defined as "expressing a gender experience in which you often joke about your own identity, even though that’s unironically your gender-related identity."42



Decepteric is defined as "a xenogender and seems cutesy and innocent but holds a devlish [sic] vibe."43


Deceptgender is defined as "a gender that seems like something else, but isn’t."44


Defessugender is defined as "a nonbinary/agender identity that is associated with annoyance, exhaustion, and frustration with your gender, sometimes influenced by outside forces or mental health and disorders. Any pronouns work…has its name derived from the Latin defessus meaning tired or jaded."45


Delphigender is defined as "a mysterious, mystical and obscure non-binary gender."46


Domgender/Plerugender is defined as "when you are multiple genders (like polygender) but 1 of those genders is dominant

Domgender is like nanogender/demigender/magigender except with multiple genders
Prefix derived from 
Dom- above, power, over"47
It is also defined as "When one has several genders, but one feels dominant."48


Dulcéboi is defined as "A masculine gender that’s still heavily aligned with kindness and gentleness.
You might be a dulcéboi if:

  • You identify as a boy.
  • You have interests that one might consider “soft” or “gentle.”
  • You’re very soft spoken or shy."49



Economicleft-Centergender is defined as "when your gender feels centered and economic left on the political compass."50


Economicright-Centergender is defined as "when your gender feels centered and economic right on the political compass."51


Ectogender is defined as "someone who feels as though their gender exists outside of their permanent being/body and/or that their gender is not something that is fully attached to their person. can be a subset of most genders.
the prefix “ecto-” meaning “outside” and/or “external.”"52


Ekragender is defined as "a gender you have blown up into a million pieces or destroyed by detonating or wish you could. Prefix from the Greek word εκραγεί meaning “explode.”"53


Elphigender is defined as "when your gender feels like hope personified. Usually feminine leaning but not always!"54


Emotugender is defined as "a fluid or flux gender effected by emotions, mood, and state of mind. It is similar to affectugender, but is not exclusively a neurogender. One does not have to be diagnosed with a mood disorder to be Emotugender, while they do to be Affectugender. Just as an example, one may feel Agender in a inactive state of mind and Androgynous in an active one."55


Energigender is defined as "a gender that has a lot of energy and cant seem to stay in one place; can flit from gender to gender quickly."56


Esogender is defined as "a gender that you can understand in your own internal consciousness or headspace, but can’t communicate externally without some parts being “lost in translation”, omitted, changed, or otherwise different from the actual gender you feel (kind of like the loss in quality when converting image files). This can make expressing the details of the gender externally feel difficult, frustrating, or pointless to some."57


Esteemigender is defined as "a gender that is effected by self esteem, for example: feeling your gender less intensly [sic] when embarassed [sic]."58


Ethegender is defined as "a gender up to interpretation by individuals, but in essence is an ethereal gender that is unable to be understood by either the individual or others; a gender that cannot be explained; a dainty, elegant, or delicate gender. Synonyms for this genders are delicagender, daingender and elegender
The prefixes for these terms most likely comes from ethereal, delicate, dainty and elegant respectively59


Euphoriagender is defined as " when your gender is influenced by your gender euphoria."60


Evocagender is defined as "a gender that you remember clearly and fondly, brings great calmness to your soul, and has a big influence on who you are on a person, yet feels distant and faraway, as if it were a childhood memory."61


Excigender is defined as " Either to feel very excited about anything to do with gender, especially your own gender, or to feel that your gender is entirely centered around your excitedness
Exci- deriving from the English word ‘excited’
Can be alternated to certain gender you feel closest to, or that is most encompassed by your excitedness:
Excigirl, Exciboy, Excinon-binary, or for those lacking a gender but still feeling excited, Excinull is also another identifier."62


Exiccogender is defined as "a gender which, when thought about, feels empty and has a draining effect, making the individual whose gender it is feel empty themselves."63


Extrogender is defined as "when you feel your gender more when interacting with others. Comes from the term extrovert, but you don’t have to be one to use it."64
See Also: Introgender



Fabricgender is defined as "a gender affected by one’s presentation or clothing."65


Favillaric is defined as "a gender that feels soft or gentle, yet burning with passion.

“favilla” translates to glowing embers in latin, which [the coiner] think[s] fits this definition perfectly!"66


Femiritas is defined as the opposite of Mascuritas; "[you] dont care what is gender anyway??? But [you] still would like to be preceived [sic] as [femininity] by others"67


Feralgender is defined as a gender "for people who just fucking lost it and have no goddamn clue whats going on and cannot be approached by other people under any circumstances."68


Filogender is defined as " a gender that is thread-like and fibrous. Not particularly strong or visible on its own, but can become almost unbreakable when bound together with others. Can be used on its own (filogender), with the “gender” bit replaced with the gender it describes (ex. filoproxvir), or in conjunction with another descriptive gender (ex. filovirusgender).
Inspired by the Italian word “Filo”, which is used to refer to thread, string, and strands."69
Later, the definition was simplified to be synonymous with Existigender, Pensgender, Opinogender, Cogitogender, Cognogender and is defined as "A gender which only exists or feels present when thought about or when a conscious effort is made to notice it."70


Forlornei is defined as "a gender that feels forlorn, or comes around when one feels forlorn."71


Fuckoric is defined as "a gender that is similar to the feeling/experience of “fuckor”, or is related to the experience of fuckor."72


Fuckyougender is defined as "a gender defined by inherent adversity, aggression, and malice for any reason the user would like…
Yes this is serious/legitimate, made off a joke but why not."73


Furotium is defined as "a trans person whos presentation/identity is tied to them being nondysphoric. It is nonconforming to express anger and defiance against cis people, transmeds, transphobes, or whoever!"74


Fxmgender is defined as "a gender that is FiN, but is also disconnected from being female because of the person’s internalized sexism/toxic masculinity.75"


Gender Angry

Gender Angry (or Madgender) is defined as "You’re just fucking pissed that people keep wondering what you are.
alt: You’re just fucking pissed that people don’t know what you are.
alt: You’re just fucking pissed that people keep misgendering you."76


Genderapathetic is defined as "not caring about your gender anymore due to the idea of needing a binary or a specific label pushed onto you"77


Genderbell is defined as "a condigender/alignment where your gender, gender alignment, or the gender you lean towards (like in the context of libragender or veneergender people) is affected by things people say you can’t be, or any other way you relate to a gender through spite/anger/defiance. Could also be relating to a gender because of the hate it gets. Inspired in part by impediogender.
(Bell from the latin root for war)"78


Genderchained is defined as "When your gender has a life of its own, and you can only try to keep up as best you can. It drags you along and you feel like it's demanding or almost overwhelming, and if you try to sit and think about it or figure it out, it pulls you and keeps going, causing you to be confused and disoriented. You can never seem to pin down what it is, so you simply just go with it.
A little bit inspired by genderfluid identities where the gender shifts too quickly to be pinned down, like abrogender and ariegender. The opposite of imperigender."79


Gendercool is defined as "when you’re not a boy or a girl and you’re not entirely sure what your gender is but man you are cool"80


Genderfeminist is defined as "a gender that fluctuates depending on your feminism!!! not to be used by t*rfs!!"81


Genderfragile (or genderbroken) is defined as "a xenogender where one’s gender feels as though it could be easily “broken”; when one’s gender feels like it has a million pieces to it that cannot be put back together to form one gender. It’s hard to explain, and feels “broken”."82


Genderfutilis is defined as "a gender that feels utterly useless or futile. it serves no purpose and results in absolutely nothing.83"


Gendergoliath is defined as "gender is almost larger than life, like it’s spilling out of your body. It takes up a lot of space and is just awe inspiring."84


Genderheart is defined as "a xenogender related to the heart, love, affection, and general happiness."85


Genderjunk is defined as "a gender that is rebellious, laid-back, and punk. it can be associated with any gender alignment. (masc, neutral, feminine, xenic, etc.)"86


Genderlaetitia is defined as "a gender that gives the user extreme joy to have found it."87


Gendermeh is defined as "where youre kinda cool w being called any gender, like whatever. you might not be that gender, you might not know your gender, but meh."88


Gendersad is defined as "a subset of agender in which you not only feel like you don’t have a gender but the thought of it deeply saddens you"89


Gendersoft is defined as "a gender that feels soft, not blurred like moll-, but gentle and kind."90


Genderspiral (or Spiralgender) is defined as "A fluid identity where your gender seems to go in circles, but it never quite returns to the exact same gender, only to a similar one.91"


Genderstalgia is defined as "a gender related to golden sunsets, the buzzing of cicadas, and overall nostalgic feelings.92"


Gendertrapped is defined as "not wishing to have a gender, but feeling coerced to."93


Genderwish is defined as "a xenogender you have wished for, and have always wanted, can be related to wishing and dreams."94


Genderunique is defined as "a gender that cannot be described by existing terms, it is very unique and personal. it is more up to interpretation by the individual that identifies with it than anyone else.coined by: anonymous."95


Gendervibravi is defined as "a gender that makes one feel vibrant, and may make the rest of the gender shift into one type of gender (ie shifting to xenic only)"96


Gevgender is defined as a gender experienced when feeling fear.97


Glassgender is defined as "a gender that is very sensitive and fragile, it feels more broken/damaged the more it is invalidated/hated on; it can be used by itself or with other genders, e.g. glassboy, glassgirl, glassnonbinary, etc."98


Gloomgender is defined as "nonbinary/indifferent. mostly darkness, the new moon phase, apathy and a mix of a bit of masculinity, bit of femininity and lack of gender. can include sadness, grief and depression."99


Grandiogender is defined as "a gender where identity is placed more in the identifier’s self esteem or grandoise attitude than in any other factor."100


Grokkic is defined as "a gender that is similar to the feeling/experience of “grokking” something, or is related to this experience."101



Hathosgender is defined as "a nonbinary gender identity. Someone who is hathosgender derives euphoria from absolute rejection of the gender binary. They also have a deep and passionate dislike- maybe even hatred- for the oppressive nature of the gender binary and the affect it has on our society. This differs from antibinary in that it stems from a direct opposition and resistance to the gender binary.
(Based on the term ‘hathos’ meaning 'when you love to hate something’.)"102


Heurgender is defined as a gender experienced when feeling happiness.103


Histrigender is defined as " latin prefix histri, meaning actor; a gender that is largely or entirely put upon, a gender you adapt and act out when around others."104


Hoffigender is defined as "a hopeful gender; a gender that feels like hope personified."105


Hougender is defined as "a gender that is peaceful, spiritual, calming, and sophisticated."106



Impesgender is defined as "a gender that flips quickly and impulsively, often too quickly to be traced."107


Incurrogender is defined as "a gender that feels attacked, invaded, and befallen. feels as that it was once something large but has fell into “disarray”"108


Infocryptidgender (or infogendercriptid) is defined as "an subgender informativity where the gender tells you secrets that will not be talked to people other than you."109


Introgender is defined as "when you feel your gender more when alone. Comes from the term introvert, but you don’t have to be one to use it."110
See also:extrogender


Inturgender is defined as "a core gender which feels soft, quiet, or subdued. May experience feelings of another gender or genders overlaying it." The name comes from the latin word "inturbidus", meaning "undisturbed, quiet."111


Iragender is defined as "when your gender is angering. another way to put it is that thinking about/figuring out your gender is emotionally exhausting and now you’re mad at your gender. “ira” comes from the latin word for anger"112 and "where one switches from one gender to another when feeling irritated/angry, or a gender which is angry or irate."113


Iregender is defined as a gender experienced when feeling anger.114



Jouine is defined as "from “joy” and “sanguine”. A joyful gender, very happy and euphoric about who they are. They are happy to express their gender, and know that it is special."115


Joygender is defined as “gender is directly influenced by mood and usually intensifies when person is happy."116



Kakogender is defined as "a gender that is dangerous."117


Ketergender is defined as "a term that describes a gender that either cannot be reliably contained or otherwise poses an inimical threat to humanity."118


Kindergender is defined as "a gender that feels very childish, hyperactive, and/or impulsive."119

Knife Gender

Knife Gender is defined as "anyone whose gender violent towards to the gender binary while still not conforming to a binary set."120


Kopiabaonic is defined as "where your core identity is copied from others121"



Laetium is defined as "a trans person whos presentation/identity is tied to them being nondysphoric. It is nonconforming to express joy, self love, and acceptance of their identity and themselves!"122


Lazygender is defined as "when ur gender has something to do with an innate laziness."123


Lenigender is defined as "a gentle gender identity (leni- gentle)"124


Lethargender is defined as " a subset of agender in which you know you lack a gender, but you also lack enthusiasm about your gender. you don’t care about it, and it makes you tired just to think about it. comes from the word “lethargy” which means, “a lack of energy and enthusiasm”"125


Lethargigender is defined as "a gender that is very sluggish and lethargic; can move from gender to gender, but it seems like it takes forever."126


Levigender is defined as "a lightweight, superficial gender you don’t feel very much, one you put on in a hurry."127


Liberique is defined as "a gender that brings with itself the conviction and/or the ability to express it, despite the external pressure to not to do so.
Latin: “free”; related to “liberation”, “liberty”, “liberate”
Not to be confused with Libragender."128


Libertarian-Centergender is defined as "when your gender feels libertarian center on the political flag."129


Libertarian-Leftgender is defined as "when your gender feels libertarian left on the political compass."130


Libertarian-Rightgender is defined as "when your gender feels libertarian right on the political compass."131


Licentium is defined as "a trans person whos presentation/identity is tied to them being nondysphoric. It is nonconforming to express confusion, either their own or the desire to confuse other people!"132


Listletic is defined as "a gender that feels calm and at peace."133



Maleficigender is defined as "a term for a gender that you feel while youre commiting [sic] crimes/mischief!"134


Malusfluid is defined as "a fluid gender that feels malicious, like it takes over other genders when it flows near them, destroying or just removing them from the overall identity135"


Mamgender is defined as "a feminine gender that’s filled with fire and frustration."136


Manigender is defined as "a happy gender for fun and happiness and just a good fun time for everyone involved you see."137


Maravigender is defined as "a marvelous gender identity; gender associated with wonderfulness; describing gender marvelousness."138


Mascuritas is defined as "when your gender is indifferent, but you still want to be perceived as masculine"139


Masochgender is defined as "a gender that becomes more and more established/defined as it is invalidated/hated on (from the word masochistic)"140


Melasgender is described as a gender which is experienced "when bored or uninterested."141


Melauche is defined as "combining “melancholic” and “farouche” (which is another word meaning shy or introverted). A shy gender, it is characterized by someone wanting to hide who they are to avoid conflict or attention. Still, there is a sense of self in this gender, although it can feel melancholic or introverted at times. A person with this gender will keep it very close to themselves, and rarely shares it."142


Mellowfluid is defined as "a fluid gender that flows mellowly and slowly."143


Monstruoususique is defined as "a gender that feels shrouded in eeriness and sadness, its bare and clear, but may sometimes feel foggy"144


Mortegender is defined as "a gender that died along with the concept of a fixed gender identity as soon as you realized you weren’t cis. Unique to you and nothing at the same time."145



Nihilgender is defined as "a gender that feels absent, empty."146


Niiigender is defined as "[when you] have no gender, but [you] physically identify [yourself] differently depending on how [you] feel.147"


Nubesine is defined as "a gender that is full of a hazy, sleepy like feeling. its semi fluid and can go away for short periods, typically when one is tired."148


Nymhs is defined as "A gender which exists but is ambiguous or undefined.
Nymhs, derived from both nimbus and nebula, refers to a gender which exists but is ambiguous or undefined. Drawing from this meaning the flag is loosely based off of Saturn and colors often seen associated with space, nebulousness, or lack of form. (fun fact: it can also be seen to resemble a stage of the formation of a protostar from a nebula but that’s less commonly known)
Also aiming to reduce ‘othering’ and increase accessibility to children in particular this gender can be referred to using both the adjective form 'nymhs’ (e.g. 'I identify as nymhs’ or 'a nymhs individual’) and the noun form of 'nymh’ (e.g. 'I’m a nymh’) in the same way one may say either 'I identify as female’ or 'I am a girl’."149



Obruogender is defined as "when one’s gender is swelling or overwhelming to one. Used when somebody is overwhelmed or overpowered by their gender identity, to an even uncomfortable or suffocating feeling."150


Orupin is defined as "from “order” and “supine”. An orderly gender, there is a sense of stability and reason for who they are, that it is logical to be the way they are. Sometimes, they may seem too analytical and logical, and thus may be or feel stand-offish compared to other people.151



Parasytic is defined as "a gender that latches onto and feeds off other genders."152


Parent-gender is defined as "gender is unknown BUT you are the designated parent of the friend group.
dad-leaning, mom-leaning, and parent-leaning…maybe there’s an uncle/aunt version but [the coiner] doesn't think there’s a gender neutral version of uncle or aunt.
there’s also:

  • dad-leaning mom
  • mom-leaning dad
  • parent-leaning dad
  • parent-leaning mom
  • mom/dad-leaning parent"153


Parentagender is defined as "a gender with parental energies."154


Passengender is defined as "a gender that goes where it chooses. This gender is always going somewhere on its own drive and it may be affected by your surroundings, but you can’t really control where it’s going (you’re like a passenger)."155


Passimlix is defined as "a non-binary in nature gender that is very chaotic and bouncy. it gives the user a feeling of euphoria despite being hard to pin down.156"


Passionflux is defined as "Passion for ones gender fluctuates, usually mood based, but can also be influenced by moon phases, tides, or any other outside force."157


Peacegender is defined as "a gender that only exists when at harmony with existing genders. It is only noticeable during this harmony."158


Pearlgender is defined as "a polygender/genderfluid identity that feels scared when it's the only one you feel at the time."159


Phobaeic is defined as "A term for when your gender grows stronger or more intense when around fear. This could be other’s fear or your own."[[footnote]Phobaeic Definition [[/footnote]]


Pojkevän ("Loverboy") is defined as "also a word for “boyfriend” but dont worry about it lol. a masc-aligned or male gender identity for someone whose personal idea of masculinity is characterized by loving, protecting, kindness and taking care of others. to this person, masculinity and manhood are inherently gentle and caring…the words [is] swedish because [the coiner is] swedish and that is an important part of [their] personal identity…these terms aren’t exclusive to people of scandinavian descent, but they are definitely made for [them] especially <3"160


Politicalcompassgender is defined as "when your place on the political compass feels important to your gender. (Feel free to add a dot where you are on the compass!)"161


Pondusgender is defined as "a fluid gender that absorbs genders (and aesthetics) around it to make something new; that something is profound, deep, and infinite, yet never complete/void of something else. Someone who is pondusgender rejects alignment and tends to present in a manner that “clashes” with gender norms or others’ expectations.
From the Greek “Pondus” meaning 1. Force 2. Gravity 3. Importance 4. Mass 5. Value or Values 6. Absorb"162


Praedicogender is defined as "a gender that has strong psychic energy. People who identify as praedicogender are good at predicting the future accurately. Stress, anxiety, and negativity cloud their intuition. Usually used by supernatural otherkin, such as angelkin, fallenangelkin, demonkin, dragonkin, etc. However, humans can use this identity too.
Only people who have Romani or Irish Traveller ancestry can identify as such. Assuming this identity if you are not related to either one is blatantly disrespectful and transphobic. It is also cultural appropriation."163


Pragender is defined as "a gender embodied by the feeling of love."164


Prosecgender is defined as "a gender that feels malicious and violent, like it’s out to get you; hard to spot or pin down but sometimes there are painful spikes of it, named from the word prosecutor."165



Querenciamine is defined as "a gender related to the users place where one feels safe, and where the character of the user is drawn."166


Quillgender is defined as "a gender that is hard and spiky/hard to get close to."167


Quingender (or Calngender) is defined as "a gender that feels majestic and royal; a very commanding and confident gender. This gender is aesthetically linked to nobility/royalty"168



Rahugender is defined as "a gender related to the flourishing of the persona that you continually seek to be like, become and present to the world in your mission of material self-actualization, or the desire or greed to keep chasing such idealized state of completion of one’s own goals. a rahugender can generally be contrasted with a ketugender, as if they were opposite missions. has as its symbol the Unicode character for north node of the Moon (☊)."169


Respexigender is defined as "a neutral gender that’s filled with nostalgia and longing for the past."170


Retrogender is defined as "similar to postgender but fluxing; having mostly moved on from a gender, but occasionally it resurfaces, partially or fully, before it becomes dormant again. this resurfacing may or may not be conditional (as in activated by certain conditions, events, or situations.) some can “revisit” their retrogender at will.
can be used like retrogirl, retroboy, etc., the specified gender being the former gender that resurfaces sometimes, not the current gender."171


Revulsigender is defined as "gender characterized by revulsion to gender roles and an abhorrence of adhering to one side or the other."172


Rurogender is defined as "one who finds their gender to be a mystery, though feels like they may lean towards masculinity. Their masculinity/gender feels like it is scared to be presented and needs motivation to be found and their gender often feels monstrous or locked up a if in a machine!"173



Salugender is defined as "a gender which imparts upon its owner a feeling of safety and comfort."174


Sameic is defined as "a gender that is similar to the feeling/experience of going “same” to something, or is related to this experience."175


Semiyogender is defined as "a gender that has a mystical, transcendent or eminent feeling in relation to emotions and sensations OR that "extra something" that emotions have outside of biological reactions and thoughts."176


Serefortic is defined as "a gender that has a slight softness or comfort to it. Can be a standalone label or tacked onto another label e.x Serefortic Agender…name derived from the words serene & comfort.177"


Shieldgender is defined as "a gender that is sacred and needs to be protected. When asked what your gender is you feel the need to shield yourself from the question."178


Skelogender is defined as "a gender that’s a big part of you and come from deep inside but is obscure and unknowable. A gender that’s unique to you- it’s you and while it’s probably not clear to others it keeps you together."179


Sleepygender is defined as "a gender that is characterized by feeling sleepy, soft, and tired. can be influenced by sleep or lack there of!"180


Softgender is been coined three times.

  1. The first definition is "soft feels and pastel colours and….. yeah!"181
  2. The second definition is "where you identify as soft things, either physically or more on a cutesy side!!"182
  3. The third definition is "the gender of being soft, sweet, sensitive, and caring. This gender is inclusive to all ages.

✅ If you’re softgendered/softself aligned
✅ If you just ID with the flag
✅ If you are softgender but don’t use softself pronouns
✅ If you are unsure and want to try it out
✅ If you are soft/sensitive/kind/caring
❌ If you are an ace,bi,trans,lgbt exclusionist
❌ If you don’t think mogai terms exist or are valid
❌ If you are a terf/swerf/etc.
❌ If you are truscum
❌ If you are just rude/mean, this label is for the soft and sensitive kind folk"


Sorggender is defined as a gender experienced when feeling sad, grieving, or guilty.183


Spesgender is defined as "a gender defined by hope. Could be a gender you hope to become/find inside of you. Alternately, it could be a gender that encapsulates all that you want to be or represent."184


Spherogender is defined as "when your gender feels like hope personified. Usually masculine leaning but not always!"185


Spygender is defined as "a gender that seems like it is mimicking another, or looking/sneaking into a group of genders and trying to copy them."186


Squandergender is defined as "the gender embodiment of the feeling you get when you read a word over and over again and start to forget its meaning."187


Starkgender is defined as "a gender that is strong, or a gender that you feel strongly/intensely. From German stark, meaning strong."188


Subversigender is defined as "an antigender that is subversive, anarchistic and anti-establishment. It is a form of rebellion against traditional gender ideals. A subversigender individual feels like they will never conform to a "normal" or "expected" gender, and they prefer to present as shocking as possible. They may view their own gender(s) and gender in general with anger, disgust and contempt."189


Supergender is defined as "a gender directly related to your work in being a hero/activist. May be related and/or caused by events related to said hero-ing/activism. Typical gender expression through clothing tends to be that of practical things that help you excel in your field of heroing/activism, such as a uniform(super) or issue tee’s(activism)."190



Taceogender is defined as "a gender that feels unmentioned, irrelevant, silent, and unfelt, but still present."191


Tenuigender is defined as "a small, delicate gender, very tentative and fragile."192


Ternegender is defined as "A gender that is small and dull, but which is neither weak nor hollow. Can be used as a prefix for another gender like ternegirl, terneboy, ternenonbinary.
From the French word ‘terne’ meaning ‘dull.’ "193


Terriculibaonic is defined as "a gender that feels nimble and humble, stands strong and protects, related to crows, farms, autumn, the harvest, halloween, hay bales, sunny autumn evenings, falling leaves, pumpkin pie, and the smell of november rain"194


Teygender is defined as "a gender that pricks, pokes, and stabs at you and/or other genders."195


Tragmat is defined as "A peaceful gender that is at ease with who they are. They do not need to think about their gender, nor justify it to others, they accept it for what it is: unique and tranquil. The word comes from “tranquility” and “phlegmatic”"196


Traitorgender is defined as "a gender identity that may pop up once in a while that’s the opposite and/or different than your normal genders. Ex: Being Girlflux then suddenly having a masculine gender feeling. Having xenogenders then suddenly being a demi-boy."197


Tumultuogender is defined as "a gender that is wild, harmful, and full of hatred/anger."198



Ultragender is defined as "a gender that is powerful and of high status, too powerful to be restricted into a spectrum; or an extention of comgender."199


Uncaragender is defined as "you have a gender, but for the most part you are apathetic to it and do not care what you are called. Can be combined with other genders if one wishes to."200



Vanusgender is defined as "a gender that doesnt exist because you dont exist! or at least, youve been told you dont by transmeds 
(for nondysphoric trans people, neopronoun users, genderfluid people, etc)"201


Venturgender is defined as "a gender which feels like an ongoing adventure, journey, or trek. A gender that is constantly evolving and revealing new aspects to a person."202


Veritagender is defined as "a gender that feels more strong and clear when you’re true to yourself."203


Volitogender is defined as "when one’s gender feels hovering or floating. Can be combined with other genders. (volitoboy, girl, fluid, flux, etc)"204


Vosgender is defined as "a gender that feels wild and free one second, then confined and hidden the next."205



Yagender is described as a gender experienced when jealous.206

Other Categories Falling under the Personagender/Esmogender Heading

Relationship-Based Genders

Relationship-based genders are a subset of Personagender/Esmogender. These genders rely on one’s relationships with others to determine how, when, or if they manifest.
Textbook cases of lacking self-identity? You betcha.

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