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Technogender Flag
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Technogender is both a standalone MOGAI term and a subtype of Sciencegender. Technogender as a category encompasses all genders that are aesthetically linked to technology.

Or, as those of us with genders linked to sports call them, nerds.

History of Term

Technogender was coined was coined on September 9, 20141 by tumblr user enbyoid. It is defined as "when you may or may not have gendered feelings, but either way you feel a stronger connection with technology as part of your gender experience than you do with any other existing genders
can be used as a standalone term (“I am technogender”), as a prefix (technoboy, technogirl, technoenby, etc), or as an additive on another gender experience even (“ai is a technogender demiboy”)…coined with techkin in mind but if it fits you and you’re not, you’re still welcome to use it."2
Three later definitions are:

  • "Described as one who is only comfortable with one’s own gender when using technology, usually because of social anxiety. (source: pride-flags-for-us)
  • A gender described as someone who identifies with technology, as though they were not human, but instead machine.
  • Those that are only comfortable with one’s gender when using technology/online, usually because of social anxiety (Specialized for people with anxiety disorders)."3

The flag was created on July 4, 2016 by tumblr user technogendered.4

List of Terms


Wirelessgender Flag
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Colors are shades of white/blue to represent the distribution of knowledge via the internet.

Wirelessgender is a technogender defined as "a gender with strong ties to wireless communication and/or the world wide web."1

History of the term

Wirelessgenderwas coined on December 18, 20172 by tumblr user shdodhsodbdksbdodcnxochksndfjfj. The flag was posted at the same time.3

MOGAI-Watch Poem

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My gender has a router
and its own IP–
I “spend too much time online”?!
How dare you oppress me?


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