Œilsangine Flag
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Œilsangine is a colorgender defined as “a gend3r rel8ed 2 eyebleed colors, ravez, contrazzting colorz, n neonz!"1


ass0ci8ed pr0nounz r ne/ne0n/ne0nz/ne0nz/ne0nzelf + ey/eyez/bleedz/bleedz/bleedzelf (ne luvz raves! I go to raves w/ ne0n. ne bringz ne0nz frendz w/ ne0n, and even hostz sum ravez ne0nzelf!) (ey luvz raves! i go to raids w/ eyez. ey bringz bleedz friendz w/ eyez, and even hostz sum ravez bleedzelf!) ^^

History of the term

Œilsangine was coined on October 22, 2019 by 'fae' via tumblr user mogai-flag-makers. The flag was created at the same time.2

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