Odysseogender Flag
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Odysseogender is a mythologender defined as "Where your gender isn’t set in stone right now and you’re on an “odyssey” to find out what it is. Based on the Greek hero, Odysseus.”1

History of the term

Odysseogender was coined on or before August 1, 2014 by anonymous via MOGAI-Archive.2 The flag was created on March 27, 2019 by tumblr user arsgoegender.3

MOGAI-Watch Poem

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When I set off upon my quest
to seek my gender in the west,
I knew it would be a journey that mimics
one taught by Classics academics.

I have no Telemachus, no Penelope;
but at journey’s end there waits for me
my true gender to be realized–
and I’ll cast this phony one aside.


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