Novigender Flag 2
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Novigender Flag 1
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the grey for neutrality, and possible confusion
the two blues for they varying stages of clarity people might experience around it
and the orange for the individuality of it

Novigender (or Novogender)1 is a fancy way of saying "questoning" defined as "a gender experience too hard to read/process/understand or too complex to pin down to one word."2

Based on abrosexual

History of the term

Novigender was coined on June 13, 2014 by tumblr user 3785091890821 (aka thedonutsaurusrex/houisa).3 The first flag was created on or around June 21, 2014 by the same.4 The second flag was created by tumblr user nova-pride-flags by August 1, 2016, although it was probably made much earlier.5

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