Nounself "Pronouns"

Nounself pronouns are one of the most widely-recognized MOGAI artifacts. Also known colloquially (and somewhat pejoratively) as “bunself pronouns” due to a popular and early rabbit-themed “pronoun” set, Nounself pronouns emerged sometime around 2014. Today, they continue to be a mainstay of MOGAI identity, and a source of both amusement and aggravation for literally everybody else.
The basic premise is simple: absolutely any word can be turned (read: bastardized, contorted, twisted, tortured) into a pronoun by the simple expedient of adding or subtracting letters as called for by context. Making it look as though whatever you’re writing was typed monkey in the process of having a stroke is optional, but seems to be generally encouraged.

Using the bunself “pronoun set” as an example, “he walked to his house and let himself inside” would read “bun walked to buns house and let bunself inside.

Horrified screaming gets the point across just as well, though.

According to the MOGAI Wiki

Some people feel their gender rates to a noun, and feel confident in a noun-based pronoun set. The most common one for a noun based pronoun to be phrased is nounself. For example, if a person's gender related to doors, for example, doors pronouns could be door/doors/doorself. These types of pronouns would classify as being nonbinary pronouns generally, but people with binary genders (boy, girl, man, woman etc) could also use a noun based pronoun set.1

History of Nounself Pronouns (According to Nonbinary Wiki)

"Starting in early 2014, or perhaps late 2013, a community of non-binary gender people on the social blogging site came up with the idea of "nounself pronouns." (Some call these "otherkin pronouns," but few otherkin use them, and not all using them are otherkin.) Some of the earliest sets of nounself pronouns, which might actually be from earlier than 2014, are the fairy themed set "fae, fae, faer, faers, faeself", and the bunny themed set "bun, bun, buns, buns, bunself". During 2014, the community created about a hundred sets of such pronouns, and many were adopted as the pronouns of particular non-binary people, so they're seeing actual use.

As of 2016, fae pronouns are by far the most represented of any kind of the nounself pronouns, with bun pronouns coming in second, judging by the 2016 Nonbinary Stats survey.2 Many other nounself pronouns never showed up in any surveys of what pronouns nonbinary people really use."3

Examples of Nounself Pronouns

Given the ease of creating these linguistic travesties, there is no way to collect all of them. However, theses are a decent overview of "pronouns" MOGAI believes are legitimate.

Via Ask-A-Nonbinary on Tumblr

Via Xeno-Aligned on tumblr (2018)

Calls For Mandatory Usage

*Under construction*

"Make sure you always respect other’s pronouns, no matter how weird or silly they seem. If your native language isn’t English, or you have a learning disability, ask the person if they have a different set you can use. Don’t ask them this if you can use the pronouns but you just don’t want to, unless it’s involving a trigger or similar."

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