Netgirl Flag
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Netboy Flag
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Netgender Flag
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Blue is associated with "online" as opposed to brown in the rerumgender flags which is associated with "real life".

Netgender is a technogender defined as "a gender that is expressed more frequently online than in real life it can be used by itself or combined with other terms, e.g. netboy, netgirl, netnonbinary, etc.
Opposite of Rerumgender."1

History of the term

Netgender was coined on or before February 17, 2017 by unknown. The flags were posted on that date by Pride-Flags on Deviantart. [2][3][4]

MOGAI-Watch Poems

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I’m a real live netgirl,
and Omegle is my friend;
I pretend I’m a chick on chatting sites
to mess with desperate men.
Yes, I am a man myself–
as cis as I can be–
I laugh each and every time
some schmuck jacks off to me.


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God, I love the internet,
where nobody knows I’m cis and het;
Catch me online in all my splendor–
that’s the place where I’m netgender.


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