Negatiobi Flag
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The white star can be left white or it can be filled with a flag of the orientation you want.
It’s a star because stars represent major goals!

Negatiobi is a miscellaneous Moro sexuality defined as "a bisexual orientation in which you feel intense discomfort with being bisexual, and you want to have a different orientation. You might even use another label, like gay or omni, while recognizing your feelings as bisexuality."1

History of the term

Negatiobi was coined on June 1, 2018 by tumblr blog All-Prides-Matter. The flag was created at the same time.2

After facing intense backlash for the term being basically internalized biphobia, the coiner said the following:

Negatiobi isn’t internalized biphobia because a negatiobi person doesn’t hate the concept of bisexuality, and they don’t hate bisexual people who are comfortable with it. they simply want a different orientation, but that doesn’t mean the orientation itself is bad.

It’s like… a blonde person really wants to be a brunette. Blonde hair isn’t a bad thing, and not liking your blonde hair doesn’t mean you hate yourself. you can just dye your hair brown (or any color), like you can use any other label while still being bi.3

MOGAI-Watch Poem

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I really hate that I am bi,
it makes me really sad
to disappoint my MOGAI friends
and my mom and dad.
So I made a brand new term
like hetero/homoflexible:
it’s the third in that trinity;
I’m negatiobisexual!


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