Nebulagender Flag
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Nebulagender is a sciencegender is defined as "a multigender/xenogender identity, nebulagender individuals have many interconnected xenogenders that collectively form a multifaceted, expansive, and beautiful gender experience. May have fully defined genders, like stars that are formed within a nebula, as well as diffuse, vague, and partly/completely unidentifiable gender feelings that exist in between, like cosmic dust."1

History of the term

Nebulagender was coined on or before June 8, 2018 by tumblr user pastelmemer. The flag was created by pastelmemer and posted on that date by Pride-Flags on Deviantart.2

MOGAI-Watch Poem

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The future of the human race
is colonizing Outer Space.
Though we lack the tech today,
our expansion is still underway;

Loudly though we all insist
gender was made up by the west,
when the made-up words are ours,
we happily force them on the stars.


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