Mystigender Flag
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Mystigender (or Delphigender) is a mythologender defined as " a mysterious, obscure and sinister gender that is entirely seperate from male and female."1

History of the term

Mystigender was coined on or before July 13, 20142 by tumblr user genderlord.3 The flag was created on or before August 23, 2015 by Pastelmemer on pride-flags-for-us.4

MOGAI-Watch Poem

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Just like a Taurus and a Leo
will never see eye-to-eye,
my gender went crystal-gazing
and saw strife twixt you and I,
for I’m a lordly mystigender,
and you a cisgendered git;
now, I’m busy doing tarot
so piss off, you piece of shit.


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