MOGAI Sexualities

MOGAI Sexualities



Aesthetisexuality is a subtype of Xenosexuality. Aesthetisexuality encompasses all sexualities which have an aesthetic component. Spoiler alert: there’s a more one. Because where the hell else am I supposed to file “I like to get eaten while I fuck so much that I need to let everyone know immediately, and also I’m oppressed because people avoid me.”
Wow. No fucking shit they avoid you, Kai. Can I avoid you, too?


Esmosexuality is a subtype of Aesthetisexuality. Esmosexuality encompasses all sexualities which are influenced by emotion, because feeling emotions about and around getting laid is something TV makes us think is, like, gaaaaay.



Kinsexuality is a subtype of Religisexuality. Kinsexuality encompasses all sexualities which are influenced by otherkinism.
I really just can’t write a more comedic or sad intro than that, and if I try, I might break something, like my tenuous grasp on sanity.


Mytholosexuality is a subtype of Religisexuality. Mytholosexuality encompasses all sexualities which are influenced mythology.
Amazingly, although Zeus was a serial-person-and-animal fucker, there’s not a single sexuality related to him. I expect someone is rectifying that right now.
Please don’t.


Fictisexuality is a subtype of Aesthetisexuality. Fictisexuality encompasses all sexualities which are influenced by fictional characters. I feel like the Anime girl waif pillows are the comedic low-hanging fruit in this situation, but that’s really a bit of a reach. Even though this is MOGAI, surely nobody is ridiculous enough to claim they’re not straight because they like Anime characters, right?
Not right. So very, very wrong, in fact.


Naturosexuality is a subtype of Aesthetisexuality. Naturosexuality encompasses all sexualities which are tied to nature.
“Tree-huggers” were what our parents called them (or were, or both), but just like everything else in the 21st century, we had to go and try to improve on that. And just like everything else in the 21st century, we instead created a vast and unforeseen problem that will be haunting us for years to come.


Neurosexuality is a subtype of MOGAI Sexuality. Neurosexuality encompasses all sexualities which are influenced by neurodivergency.
For brevity’s sake, physical disabilities have been filed under this label, as well, because once you’ve reached the point where you’re trying to be non-het because you have low spoons, who fucking cares?

Miscellaneous MOGAI Sexualities

These sexualities don’t fit in anywhere else which, really, make them the most MOGAI of all.

Types of Attraction According to MOGAI

Split Attraction Model (SAM)

According to MOGAI, "the split attraction model or SAM is a model of attraction used by many ace-spec and aro-spec people to describe their identity. The SAM states that for some people sexual attraction and romantic attraction are two different things. For explain, an asexual person may feel romantic attraction, and an aromantic person may feel sexual attraction. In those cases the a-spec person may describe their identity using the SAM.

If someone's sexual and romantic orientation are the same they can use one word. For example, one would not have to say 'pansexual and panromantic' they could just say they're pansexual.

There are several ways to express their split attraction. If someone is aromantic but still feels sexual attraction toward people of the same gender they could identify and 'aromantic and homosexual'. They could also identify as 'aromantic and gay/lesbian'. Either way the a-spec person identifies both their romantic and sexual orientation."

Tertiary Attraction

According to MOGAI, "tertiary Attraction is a term from aro-spec [and MOGAI] communities to describe forms of attraction other than romantic and sexual. Typically romantic relationship contain a mix of all of these forms of attraction, but, because one or more form of attraction is missing it becomes easier for a-spec people to point out alternate forms of attraction.
While often dismissed by society tertiary attractions can be felt just as strongly as the attraction experienced by alloromantics/sexuals.
Tertiary attractions can be given modifiers using the usual prefixes. For example one can be bialterous, meaning they experience alterous attraction towards people of two or more genders.
Tertiary attraction is named such because romantic and sexual attraction are typically split into the 'main' two attractions using the split attraction model."

Juvelic System

"Juvelic is a term for gender-based attraction and orientation labels. sapphic, diamoric, etc. do fit because of their reference to gender (non-specific) on both sides. any gender or gender identity can be used in describing a juvelic orientation."1

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