Mogai Genders

MOGAI Genders (also known as "tumblr genders" or neogenders) are defined by MOGAI as "genders coined recently; describing subgenders (gender subtypes or subsets), gender neolabels and gender microlabels. Neo- means new, archaeo- old, so non-neogenders would be classified as archaeogenders.

It may also (mis)apply to archeogenders whose population use is minor scale, i.e. epicene. And since someone can use neo-identities like (fe)malegender (suffixed with -gender), boygender/girlgender and exorgender meaning the same as (wo)man, boy/girl and binary, (fe)male binaries could be considered neogendered."1

Basically, they're a mish-mash of aesthetics, fictional characters, weather conditions, literal mental illnesses, ethnicity, and literally anything else misconstrued as genders.

I. Xenogenders

Xenogender is a family of MOGAI genders which encompasses all genders that “cannot be contained by human understandings of gender; more concerned with crafting other methods of gender categorization and hierarchy such as those relating to animals, plants, or other creatures/things.”
Most MOGAI genders fall under this incredibly broad (and infuriating) umbrella. In practice, however, the genders most often associated with the term have a space aesthetic (more cutesy/mythological than scientific) or an alien aesthetic. This being the case, all genders listed in the following section are a mess of saccharine space cuteness, poorly-understood Classical mythology, and pastel-colored-alien nonsense.

I.a. Aesthetigenders

Aesthetigender is a subgroup of xenogender made up of all “genders” which are aesthetic in nature. While most MOGAI genders could (rightly) be said to fall under this category, this section (and the subsections following) are made up of MOGAI genders and categories which are the most blatant offenders.

I.a.1. Colorgenders

Colorgender is a subgroup of Aesthetigender which gives genders the properties of a color, either specifically or generally. It’s like they took the concept of having a favorite color and super-sized it, only twisted. And sad.

I.a.2. Gastrogenders

Gastrogender is a subgroup of aesthetigender which encompasses the properties of a flavor or type of food. You know, because that makes sense.

I.a.3. Personagenders/Esmogenders

Though personalitygenders and esmogenders are not quite the same thing, they’re so closely-related that it made sense to group them together. Personagender is a subtype of aesthetigender wherein the gender takes on the emotional traits of a sentient being. Esmogender is a subtype of aesthetigender in which the gender causes the person identifying as said gender to feel specific emotions. Alternately, it is a gender which is felt under specific emotional circumstances. They are both pretty poor bases for a gender, and often seem to reflect the personality (or desired personality) of the person using the term. This is, somehow, a controversial thing to point out.

I.a.3.i. Relationship-Based Genders

Relationship-based genders are a subset of Personagender/Esmogender. These genders rely on one’s relationships with others to determine how, when, or if they manifest.
Textbook cases of lacking self-identity? You betcha.

I.a.4. Audiogenders

Audiogender is a subtype of aesthetigender defined by its connection to sounds or music. This is also patron gender category of that fourteen-year-old kid who likes to go on YouTube videos of early-70s psychedelic proto-prog-rock bands and complain that he was born in “the wrong generation” and that “there hasn’t been good new music since ’81, tops.”

I.a.5. Fictigenders

Fictigender is a subtype of Aesthetigender which is, unfortunately, exactly what it sounds like. Fictional characters (and trampled copyright law) abound. On the other hand, if you’ve ever wanted to turn your life into a bad fan-fiction of your favorite franchise, here’s your starting point.

I.a.5.i. Aedra/Daedragenders

Aedra/Daedragender is a subtype of Fictigender which is composed of genders derived aesthetically from the Aedra and Daedra of the Elder Scrolls universe. These beings are divine and/or demonic, and, regardless of their spheres of influence, have far better things to do with their godly powers than being patrons of MOGAI genders. There are nerds, and then there are nerds.
And then there’s this.

I.a.5.ii. Exemgenders

Exemgender is a subgroup of Fictigender in which genders are based upon different types of Pokemon (poison, flying, fighting, etc). These are made even more ridiculous because the coiner of all 19 terms (thought here are only 18 types of Pokemon) decided to use Google to translate each type into Latin to make the genders sound more “official.”
Skye, we get it. You like the poke-bugs. Stop telling your mother she’s an oppressive tool of the cisheteropatriarchy because she won’t let you play your gameboy at the table and eat your carrots.

I.a.6. Naturogenders

Naturogender is subtype of Aesthetigender containing genders which are tied to nature in some way. Which is funny, because nature is a stone-cold bitch, and none of this MOGAI nonsense came from there.

I.a.6.i. Faunagenders

Faunagender is a subtype of Naturogender which encompasses all genders that are tied to (or influenced) by animals, brought to you by the coalition of (Former) Girls Who Liked Horses Too Much In Middle School and (Former) Girls Who Liked Cats Too Much In Middle School.

I.a.6.i. Floragender

Floragender is a subtype of Naturogender which encompasses all genders that are tied to (or influenced) by plants, in both a stoner and a non-stoner way.


Aerogender is a subtype of Naturogender. This subtype encompasses all genders that change based upon surroundings, environment, or weather, because of course that’s a fucking thing MOGAI thinks human beings have happen to them.

I.a.7. Religiogenders

Religiogender is a subtype of Aesthetigender. This subtype encompasses all genders that have ties to religion (Judeo-Christian or otherwise). You can say a lot of things about MOGAI, but they sure do know how to skim the works of a lot of major religions! I think we have representatives from all of them (minus Islam).

I.a.7.i. Kingenders

Kingender is a subtype of Religiogender. Kingender encompasses all genders that are influenced by otherkinism. Because that one kid with a tail who got a demerit for growling at a teacher needed another thing going against him.

I.a.7.ii. Mythologenders

Mythologender is a subtype of Religiogender. Mythologender encompasses all genders that are influenced by mythology. These multi-purpouse, bespoke genders are perfect for Renaissance festivals, nature retreats, or tripping balls on peyote in your friend Bo’s basement.

I.a.7.iii. Zodiacgenders

Zodiacgender is a subtype of Mythologender. Zodiacgender encompasses all genders that are influenced by astrology. Unsurprisingly, these pseudoscience-y labels are all the rage among a pseudoscientific movement.

I.a.8. Sciencegenders

Sciencegender is a subtype of Aesthetigender. Sciencegender encompasses all genders that are aesthetically linked to scientific concepts. The irony is just…indescribable.

I.a.8.i. Mathgenders

Mathgender is a subtype of Sciencegender. Mathgender encompasses all genders that are aesthetically linked to mathematical or numerical concepts. Math was always a nightmare for me, and I can’t decide if having someone like this in my class would have made it more or less so. It would certainly have been more memorable.

I.a.8.ii. Technogenders

Technogender is a subtype of Sciencegender. Technogender encompasses all genders that are aesthetically linked to technology.
Or, as those of us with genders linked to sports call them, nerds.

II. Genders Pertaining To Protected Classes

II.a. Neurogenders

Neurogender encompasses all genders that are tied to one’s mental illness. For the purposes of this wiki, the closely-related category Vitiumgender (physical illness) has been included in this section, as well.
This is one of the longest sections, and one of the absolute worst (in terms of genders, though the poems might also be atrocious. Get back to me). I guess it makes sense that it would be so: there’s traditionally a lot of overlap between the self-diagnosis crowd and the MOGAI community. Many if not most have a slew of self-diagnosed (and, to be fair, pro-diagnosed) disorders displayed proudly on their about pages like that tells anyone anything more meaningful than what class of drugs they’re likely to be taking.
Whoring out real or fabricated mental health issues for pats on the back: I just don’t feel like this is what people mean when they call for intersectional movements.

II.b. POCgenders

POCgender encompasses all genders that are tied to one’s status as a Person of Color (or to one’s ethnicity).
I just feel like there has to be an easier way to let everyone know your political stances. Meaningful activism? Nah, not separatist and edgy enough. Better make up a gender instead.

III. Miscellaneous Genders

The setup here is a little bit different. There are no types or subtypes for any of these, because they are literally un-sortable. Unique. One-of-a-kind. Almost…crystalline in their specialness, somehow.
In other words, they’re a load of crap, and each section is grouped by the phrase I muttered the first time I saw them, minus the expletives. This is a professional informational work, and there’s a limit to the number of four-letter-words an audience can be expected to stomach before it gets excessive.

III.a. Did you Mean Agender?

III.b.Did You Mean Gender Non-Conforming?

III.c. Did You Mean Genderfluid/Polygender?

III.d. Did You Mean Questioning?

III.e. …I’m Not Sure What You Meant.

III.f. Bruh, You’re Cis

IV.MOGAI Gender Systems

MOGAI gender systems are "used to define gender identity, alignment, or presentation. These are usually non-binary genders, or xenogender xenogenders. Systems usually have an aesthetic or theme that it follows."2

List of MOGAI Gender Systems

IV.a. Celestial Gender System

A system of xenogenders that have a "soft, celestial energy” to them. These energies are not masculine aligned or feminine aligned, but can be linked. All of these genders have a connection to space/celestial energy or aesthetics.

IV.b. Exemgender (Pokemon) Gender System

A system of xenogenders that have wild and animalistic traits, following the Pokemon types as a theme.

IV.c. Galactian Alignment System

Another space-based alignment system.

IV.d. Gender Element System

Supposedly defines the essence of a gender using classical elements and combinations thereof, but in reality is a tangled web of failed conlang attempts. Very reminiscent of that old iphone game Doodle God.

IV.e. Palette System

Color-based gender system

IV.f. Xenic Alignment System (Gem Gender System):

A system of genders aligned to gemstones

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