Mogai Gender Systems

MOGAI Gender Systems are "used to define gender identity, alignment, or presentation. These are usually non-binary genders, or xenogenders. Systems usually have an aesthetic or theme that it follows."1

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List of MOGAI Gender Systems

Celestial Gender System

A system of xenogenders that have a "soft, celestial energyā€¯ to them. These energies are not masculine aligned or feminine aligned, but can be linked. All of these genders have a connection to space/celestial energy or aesthetics.

Exemgender (Pokemon) Gender System

A system of xenogenders that have wild and animalistic traits, following the Pokemon types as a theme.

Galactian Alignment System

Another space-based alignment system.

Gender Element System

Supposedly defines the essence of a gender using classical elements and combinations thereof, but in reality is a tangled web of failed conlang attempts. Very reminiscent of that old iphone game Doodle God.

Palette System

Color-based gender system

Xenic Alignment System (Gem Gender System):

A system of genders aligned to gemstones

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