MOGAI-archive was the first real archive of MOGAI terms. It was active on tumblr from around June of 2014 to March 17, 20151.
During its brief existence, it coined or assisted in coining many of the terms foundational to MOGAI as it exists today. It was also the catalyst for the foundation of my blog, mogai-watch on July 31, 2014, as well as the inspiration for my blog's title2.

History of MOGAI-Archive

Terms Posted To/Coined By MOGAI-archive

MOGAI-archive was created by mod Cade in the summer of 2014, and in its roughly nine-month run, more than 229 terms were posted to the blog.

For a list of all the terms coined on or posted by MOGAI-archive, see All Terms Coined on MOGAI-Archive.


MOGAI-archive was founded by mod Cade3, and early on, there were only two mods, Cade and Zody4.
By January 2015, Zody had left and the number of mods had grown to seven. Below is a list of those mods and their pronouns.

  • cade | ey/em
  • E | ze/zer
  • Xjin | he/vaer/vis
  • Obi| she/they/fey
  • Ezra | it/itself
  • Noah | he/him
  • Alex | he/they

Deletion of MOGAI-archive

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Mod Ezra Discussing deletion of MOGAI-Archive. [click to enlarge]

Phase 1: Mod Ezra Deletes

On March 17, 2015, MOGAI-archive was deleted in disgust by mod Ezra (aka tumblr user ezrawave) after the blog posted the term "panplatonic5." Mod Ezra explained their decision to delete MOGAI-Archive as follows:

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Mod Ezra Discussing Why They Deleted MOGAI-Archive. [click to enlarge]

Phase 2: False "Hacking"

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Mod Ezra Discussing "Hacking" of MOGAI-archive. [click to enlarge]

Confusing matters, someone[6] took the "mogai-archive" url before ezrawave could claim it[7]. This person falsely claimed to have hacked the blog into deletion[8][9]. On or around March 18, 2015, the "hacker" had this to say about their actions (also referencing panplatonicism, interestingly):

Image Unavailable
"Hacker" of MOGAI-archive.[10]

Phase 3: Psy Fanblog

Around March 26, 2015[11], following the "hacker's" occupation of the url, another tumblr user[12] claimed the url and turned it into a fanblog for the musician Psy (of Gangnam Style fame)[13][14][15][16]

Phase 4: Bofa-Gate

Following the deletion of the Psy fanblog[17], two new mods (going by the names Treant and Chicken)[18]took over the url in late April or early May 2015.[19] At first, it seems that the mods tried to run the blog as before, with people submitting new terms for archival. The mods did, however, try to crack down on the sorts of obvious troll submissions the original MOGAI-archive often fell prey to20. However, this changed abruptly on May 5, 2015 when the mods took seriously a request to coin the term "Bofa-gender.[21]" Immediately thereafter, the blog issued a statement saying that, from then on out, they were only going to be posting MOGAI headcanons, not MOGAI terms[22]. Shortly thereafter, the blog was entirely deleted.

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Bofa-Gender One-Shots MOGAI-Archive

Copy-Cat Tumblr Blogs

Immediately following the downfall of MOGAI-Archive, a flood of copy-cat MOGAI blogs rushed in to fill the power vacuum left by the blog.


Alignment-archive23 was created the day before MOGAI-archive was deleted, although probably not by the person who deleted the blog24. It was extremely short-lived.


Another short-lived attempt to revive MOGAI-archive. It reposted the term "panplatonic," which led to ezra-wave declaring that that term was why they'd deleted mogai-archive int he first place25.


Yet another short-lived blog; All content is from April 726-before April 13, 201527, and most of this blog's archived posts involve one mod (mod virgil) and their friends harassing/suicide-baiting another mod (whose url was psychologyscienceandart) for being "transphobic" because she had trauma surrounding penises28.


MOGAI-Lexicon ran from April 201529 through January 201730, though it was largely inactive during that time.

Contemporary MOGAI Blogs

Pride-Flags-For-Us was a contemporary blog in the same vein as MOGAI-archive.

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