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Coined on or before Oct 8, 2016 by biidkyloren on Tumblr.

Pronounced ni-oct, (the 'm' is silent), mnioct is a xenogender which "encompasses the void but is filled with all.

Mniofirin is the masculine form, Mniobainin is feminine, and Mniodrach is neutral. The stem comes from the Irish words for science and void, and the endings come from the irish words for masc/fem/neutral."1


Mniobainin (Feminine)

Pronounced "neo-buy-nin"

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Mniobainin Flag

Mniofirin (Masculine)

//Pronounced "neo-feerin" //

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Mniofirin Flag

Mniodrach (Neutral)

//Pronounced "neo-drakt" //

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Mniodrach Flag

History of the term

Mnioct was coined was coined on or before Oct 8, 2016 by biidkyloren on Tumblr. The flag was created by the same user around that time.

MOGAI-Watch Poem

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I don’t know how to say it,
but I do know something:
though my gender’s filled with all,
it encompasses nothing.


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