Minugender is a aerogender defined as "for people who only identify with a gender for minutes at a time."1
Not to be confused with Minugender, a fictigender based on the Pokémon Minun, and defined as "a gender that feels like it has an electric charge and is the negative half of a whole"2

See Also: Secogender

History of the term

Minugender was coined on or before November 28, 2014 by anonymous via MOGAI-Archive.3 There is no flag.

MOGAI-Watch Poem

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Oh, don’t speak to me of fleeting time
when, upon the hour chime,
my gender goes from male to naught,
and shifts next moment to robot.
Each second lasts a hundred years
when, every time the next one nears,
my gender morphs inside my head
from gendercute to genderdead.

Hickory-dickory, dickory-dock,
my gender’s the mouse, and life’s a clock.


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