Mazeplexgender Flag
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Mazeplexgender is a floragender defined as "a gender identity best described as a dense forest or maze which is easy to get lost in, and is hard to navigate through or pinpoint a specific location or gender. It may be unknown to the person if it's even possible to navigate through this forest or maze to find any answers."1

History of the term

Mazeplexgender was coined on January 3, 2017 by SilenceTheFox on Deviantart. The flag was created by the coiner and Pride-Flags on deviantart at the same time.2

MOGAI-Watch Poem

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Was it a right hand turn, or was it two?
I haven’t got a bloody clue
how to escape this MOGAI maze
that I’ve been stuck in for twenty days–
at each dead-end, there are more labels,
it’s enough to make a chick unstable,
for I see now that I am cis,
and that I was quite remiss
in not seeing MOGAI as surrender–
or in daring to enter mazeplexgender.


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