Lustinfernal is a mythologender defined as "when mania or a personality disorder creates a seductive identity, making one impulsively seek out sex/romance. Also inherent is an alignment with dark spirituality, dark copinglink identities, and hell. This element involves the spirit of seduction, a higher vibrational energy, and a current of glamour magick. Often is fluid or adjacent to greedinfernal and/or pridinfernal."1

It is based on the Deadly Sin of lust.2

See Also:
Envifernal (Envy)
Glutinfernal (Gluttony)
Greedinfernal (Greed)
Pridinfernal (Pride)
Slothinfernal (Sloth)
Wrathinfernal (Wrath)

History of the term

Lustinfernal was coined on or before July 24, 2018 by in a now-deleted post by Sapphire Crimson-Claw. There is no flag.3

MOGAI-Watch Poem

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It’s not creepy that I’m obsessive
about impulsively seeking sex;
the fact that I love Hell and darkness
isn’t some freaky complex.

Though I sound like the kind of person
who fills my freezer with ex-lovers,
this is how I feel my gender,
and it was freeing to discover.


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