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Lotusgender is a floragender defined as "where (a) main gender(s) can be “muddied” or “covered up” by other genders.
to sometimes identify as other things but at your core, always identifying as your main gender(s)."1


Lotugender - the main gender(s) are or mostly masc.
Lotagender - the main gender(s) are or mostly femm.
Lotigender - the main gender(s) are or mostly nonbinary.
you could also add femm/masc/fluid to the end if the “mud” or genders that “cover” the main are mostly femm/masc/fluid genders.
(lotugender (masc), lotagender (masc), lotigender (fluid), ect.)

History of the term

Lotusgender was coined on November 27, 2018 by tumblr user evergreenezra.2 The flags were created on November 28, 2018.3

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