Linguisticgender is a term coined by MOGAI-watch on November 21, 2019 to describe all MOGAI terms related to language.

List of Terms


Dark Gender Romantic

Dark Gender Romantic is defined as "a dark counterpart to gender romantic where your gender feels driven by a dark, mysterious force or feels like a dark, mysterious force."1
Based on the literary sub-genre of Dark Romanticism.


Gender Decadence

Gender Decadence is defined as "a flamboyant, feminine gender defined by decadence and self pleasure in the extreme"2
Based on the literary Decadent Movement.

Gender Expressionism

Gender Expressionism is defined as "a gender defined by rejecting realism to express emotions and abstract thought; your gender is primarily defined by emotions and abstract thought basically3"
Based on the literary Expressionist Movement.

Gender Magical Realism

Gender Magical Realism is defined as "a flowing gender, similar in intensity to genderfree but a little more fluid instead of flighty, that is magical and delphic with slight earthy, realistic elements.4"
Based on the literary Magic Realism Movement.

Gender Metaphysical

Gender Metaphysical is defined as "your gender heavily revolves around your spirituality, and often doesn’t exist or rarely exists but only for the sake of the plot5"
Based on the literary Metaphysical Poetry Movement.

Gender Romantic

Gender Romantic is defined as "a gender defined by emotion and imagination, and associated with nature. your feelings about your gender are blissful and hopeful, almost like an extended reverie.6"
Based on the literary Romantic Movement.

Gender Transcendentalist

Gender Transcendentalist is defined as "a gender revolving around self determination, like maverique, and being independent from modern gendered technologies like hrt and surgery. can be a binary trans woman/trans man and a gender transcendentalist, gender transcendentalism is more of a movement than a gender when paired with other existing genders.7"
Based on the literary Transcendentalism Movement.


GenderA is defined as "a gender that feels strong, powerful, independent, and neutral"8


GenderB is defined as "a gender that feels beautiful, spoiled, and feminine"9


GenderC is defined as "a gender that feels harsh and static, but is fluid, soft, and energetic"10


GenderD is defined as "a gender that feels very precise, static, and masculine"11


GenderE is defined as "a gender that feels badass and masculine"12


GenderF is defined as "a gender that feels very elegant and mystical, like pixies and fairies"13


GenderG is defined as "a gender that feels quirky, misshapen, flexible, and genderless"14


GenderH is defined as "a gender that feels like two genders were strung together by a very thin string"15


GenderI is defined as "a gender that feels personal and easy on the surface, but the more you think about it and discover more identities the more intricate it gets"16


GenderJ is defined as "a gender that feels clanky and unfitting at first, but begins to bloom int something elegant and understandable"17


GenderK is defined as "a gender that mimics other genders to the point where it becomes a completely unique and new gender, a fluid amalgamation of gender"18


GenderL is defined as "a gender that seems to be smooth, straight, and simple, but as soon as you get comfortable with it shifts into a clunky, uncomfortable, yet masculine mess"19


GenderM is defined as "a gender that is fluid between soft and harsh, but also feminine and neutral"20


GenderN is defined as "a gender that is similar to genderM, but completely different in a sort of uncertain way"21


GenderO is defined as "an intensely fluid gender that only feels contained by a thin guard of stability. This guard can be a certain time where your gender isn’t fluid, a certain amount of your identity that isn’t fluid, etc"22


GenderP is defined as "a gender that stands strong without the need of any other genders or orientations"23


GenderQ is defined as "a gender that doesn’t show itself often, or you don’t feel it often, but when you do feel it, it’s overwhelmingly loud and annoying"24


GenderR is defined as "a gender that is hardcore and rough like sandpaper"25


GenderS is defined as "a gender that goes through an almost mechanical process to reach the end result, but the end result never seems to come"26


GenderT is defined as "a gender that is structured and layered to be as tough as possible, but feels like it can break down at any second (note, only to be used by neurodivergent people on the anxiety spectrum)"27


GenderU is defined as "a gender that “bites” into other genders and overpowers everything, wanted or unwanted"28


GenderV is defined as "a feminine gender that is strange, but in a beautiful way"29


GenderW is defined as "a gender like genderV, but masculine"30


GenderX is defined as "a gender that exists, but you care about it so little you consider it as not a part of your identity"31


GenderY is defined as "a gender that is the combination of 3 genders that cannot exist without both others"32


GenderZ is defined as "a gender that feels like your last resort, or something so indescribable and unique that it becomes frustrating and difficult to define yourself as"33


Graphigender defined as "a gender that is only explainable through writing or pictures. Or a gender related to writing in nature. Latin root, graph, meaning writing/write." [34]



Ironixgender is defined as "a gender where, if people think you’re being ironic when you explain your gender, it changes to something else."[35]


Lingogender (or letrogender/lettrogender/glossogender/lexicogender/graphigender (linguogender/graphogender/graphicogender/grafogender/graficogender/grafigender/grafiogender/graphiogender) is defined as "tied to lingo/languages/grammar/glossary/lexicons/linguistics/graphies(spellings/graphs)/graphics/letrology/glossolalia/lettrology.[36]"



Poemgender is defined as "for when you hypothetically identify as a gender just to poem about that gender. Meaning that you almost were gendered as that suppository identity just because you poemed out/off it."[37]


Poetric is defined as "a gender related to a poem/poet"38


Poetrypoenix is defined as "a dark and brooding gender for poets and their poetry, this gender has the feeling of a starving artist, wears black turtlenecks, and cries while handing you a book of its works."[39]


Pronomfluid is defined as "a fluid gender that changes based on what pronouns are used for you. EX: someone uses “she” for the user, and they feel like presenting femininely, etc.[40]"



Rhetor is defined as "a person with a gender(s) that is reminiscent somehow of a language. Rets gender may rely heavily on metaphor; it may have its own “grammar”/inner logic; it may be a tool that re uses to understand the world and express retself. But ultimately, the only requirement for someone to be a rhetor is rets gender resembles language in a way that is meaningful to ret.
“Rhetor” is a word equivalent to woman, girl, man, or boy- the equivalent of feminine, masculine, androgynous, etc. is “rhetorique”."[41]



Writtic is defined as "a xenogender related to writing aesthetics, including paper."42



Zalgorne is defined as "relating to eldrich [sic] and hellish genders that man cannot comprehend"43
Probably Based on the Zalgo font.

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