Leogender Flag 2
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Leogender Flag 1
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The flag colours were chosen to be closely related to nobility and regality. Purple is a colour that’s often related with those two, and Gold reminds me of the crowns and scepters Soveriegns would wear (which is also why there is a sheen on the gold stripes)

Leogender is a zodiacgender defined as "a gender that is closely related to strength and regality. A royal gender if you will. Synonym for Leogender is Reigngender
The Prefix for the term comes from the constellation Leo: The Lion. Also lions are (falsely) seen as the Kings of the Jungle. The prefix for Reigngender comes from the latter half of the word “sovereign” meaning “ruler”"1

History of the term

Leogender was coined on July 17, 2014 by Pride-Archive.2 The first flag was created on that date by the same. The second flag was created by Pride-Flags on Deviantart on August 29, 2015.3

MOGAI-Watch Poems

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The zodiac knew what it was doing
when it chose my sign for me–
I’m such a total Leo that
it’s my whole identity.


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I was sorted in to Gryffindor
by a sorting quiz online
and whilst I await my owl,
I need to pass the time;
I make up leogender
so that I can feel oppressed
and so all my fellow Gryffindors
will like me the best.


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