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Kingender is both a standalone term and a subtype of Religiogender. Kingender encompasses all genders that are influenced by otherkinism. Because that one kid with a tail who got a demerit for growling at a teacher needed another thing going against him.

History of the term

Kingender was coined was coined on or before July 25, 2014 by tumblr user sadvaporwavebabe and posted to MOGAI-Archive.1 The first flag was created on or before September 7, 2015 by Pastelmemer on deviantart.2 The first second flag was created on or before July 29, 2016 by Pride-Flags on Deviant-Art.3 The third flag was created on or before July 29, 2016 by tumblr user nova-pride-flags.4

MOGAI-Watch Poems

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‘He wandered lonely as a cloud’?
No, you don’t understand—
My kintype and my gender
go firmly hand-in-hand.

I, the cloudkin, wander
and if you speak of me,
use my cloudself pronouns,
not the misgendering “he.”


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Since I feel like a female arctic fox
each time I wash my dirty socks,
I am not cis, I’m completely trans
(and I’m a male gopher when I wash my hands).


List of Terms



Adeptogender is defined as "when your state of gender was obtained through your realization of your [|kinself]]. as in, your kin realization spurred your gender realization. (note: the gender and kin type do not necessarily have to correlate with each other)"7


Aetergemma is defined as "a kingender that specifies a facet of oneself being multigender. The name comes from the latin “aeternum” meaning forever and “gemma” meaning trinket or toy…This kingender is specifically tied to the fact that their kintype had multiple incarnations- such as that of a toy, cartoon character, or robot- that were different genders over time. In the case of robots, in-universe, marketing may or may not have been with thier [sic] consent, but they still identify with these genders."8


Alterhumangender is defined as "an umbrella term for people whose gender identity is tied to their alterhumanity.
Meant to be more inclusive than just kingender, encompassing heartedgenders and other alterhuman-related genders. Can be also called alteranthrogender and alteranthropogender.
Some identities encompassed by this label still don’t have a name, such those based on copinglink/otherlink or synpath."9


Alternigender is a Homestuck-related gender defined as " a kingender where one’s gender feels influenced by the Alternian concept of gender."10


Angeligender is defined as "an angel gender, a gender found only among angels that is hard to describe to non-angels, gender can be replaced with boy, girl, or nb as in saying that that is the closest human gender you identify with
note: only to used by angelkin or godkin."11


Angelkinic is defined as "a gender related to being angelkin, angelkin core, angel core, angels (any type of angel), or a gender that feels angelic or holy in nature."12


Angelousgender is defined as "a gender that feels angelic in nature, connected to Angelkin and the heavens."13


Animegender is defined as "a gender identity linked to animekinity; a kingender of anime character."14


Apigender is defined as "a gender that feels soft and vibrates with differing intensities. Feels sticky, fuzzy and soft. Giving vibes of what honey tastes like. Based on the scientific genus Apis meaning bee. It can be used by anyone but has beekin in mind."15


Arsgoegender is defined as "a gender that holds strong feelings of kinship with demons/devils/dark beings. This gender often leads to someone feeling or being kind on the outside but selfish on the inside, or mischievous on the outside and caring on the inside (or any similar variation).
note:Preferably only to be used by demon/devil/god/spirit/angel - kin folk (and similar kin) but it’s open to anyone who wants to use it."16


Aspicalasix is defined as "a gender that comes from having multiple wings and eyes. It comes from species dysphoria incongruence and being nonhuman."17


Aviangender is defined as "gender feelings come from being kin with birds."18



Beastgender is defined as "a gender that feels large and monsterlike, scary and changes often. Related to monsterkin."19


Betulgender is defined as "a gender closely related to nature and can be used by plantkin, and has a strong and unmoving but constantly growing feeling. It feels slender and graceful, and can feel ethereal at times. Like many tree related genders, it may cycle between 4 different distinct ‘phases’, but always remains the same gender at its core." (from the Latin word for birch)20


Bicognitogender is defined as "a gender for when you identify with somebody so much that they become you"21



Caelestrian is defined as "a gender that holds a strong connection to the celestial and the angelic. its feminine in nature but not female. sometimes very hard to explain to someone who isn’t angelic…created with angelkin and galaxykin in mind, but can be used by those who just connect deeply with both22"


Catkingender is defined as "cat kin gender23"


Cometifluid is defined as "fluid between kingenders"24


Corpsegender is defined as "a xenogender/kingender relating to one’s undeath. One’s gender perception is altered by the fact that they are undead, their gender might be muddled or weak but not necessarily. Some examples of “undead” can be zombies, vampires, ghosts, ect."25



Deitygender is defined as "a gender identity for those who feel as if they were once a god or deity of a certain place/object/thing/concept, and it still affects their current genders. Created for Divinekin, but can be used by others."26


Demongender is defined as "your identity as a demonkin and/or demonolator is strongly tied to your gender identity."27
Not to be confused with Daimogender


Demonkinic is defined as "a gender that is dark and edgy, demonic in nature, tied to being demonkin, and/or a demon itself!"28


Despairgender is defined as "a gender coined by and intended for the usage of Danganronpa kin who’s kintype directly affects their gender, though anyone can use it."29


Dollgender was originally coined by a troll, dollgender30, in a now-deleted post and defined as "a gender that closely resembles agender, but is strongly influenced by one's identification as or with dolls. can also be used as dollgirl, dollboy, dollenby, etc. Most commonly associated with dollkin, but one is not required to be dollkin to identify as dollgender."31
The term was re-coined by a non-troll to mean "A gender that is fragile with soft feminine and neutral energy or a gender relating to a doll-related kintype."32


Drakefluid is defined as " when your gender fluctuates, but you can’t find just a few terms to describe what your fluctuating gender is, so you “hoard” gender terms that fit you.
note: only to be used by dragonkin."33


Duohybraic is defined as "a gender influenced by being a nonhuman hybrid. (ex. angel/demon hybrid, ghost/werewolf hybrid etc.)"34



Erikagender is defined as "where you’re an nonbinary angel and everyone denies the fact that your gender exists (reference to welcome to night vale)
note: for angelkin or night vale fictionkin35



Ferithrophic (pronounced as ‘fair-ry-trOH-fik’) is defined as "a nonbinary gender that is used when one’s gender identity and history of exploring that identity is so intertwined with their identities as an alterhuman and as a neurodivergent person that the three can’t be separated.36"


Flowerkinic is defined as "a gender related to flowers, specifically being flowerkin, flowerkin aesthetics, flower core, or the gender itself may be a flower itself, growing slowly, but blooming quickly, almost over night."37


Furrygender is defined as "a gender that can only be described with your fursona."38



Genderartio is defined as "a xenogender related to whales. meant for whalekin but can be used for anyone"39


Genderbun or bungender is defined as

  • "when your gender is influenced by your rabbit/bunny kintype (including fiction kin and rabbit related characters/creatures)
  • when your gender is small/soft (in volume) and warm/fuzzy + anxious (in feeling), or when your gender feels somehow like a bunny
  • When your gender started out small, but is now inreasing at an alarming rate. (Could be -flux or collector)

For kin and nonkin alike! Not exclusive!"40


Genderdead is defined as "for deadkin and beings with depersonalization/derealization only; not so much the absence of a gender, but since you’re dead gender doesn’t matter."41
Not to be confused with Necrogender.


Genderflamingo (or Phoenicogender) is defined as "a xenogender related to flamingos, meant for flamingokin but can be used by anyone."42


Genderfox is defined as "a gender that is fast moving, mischievous, confusing, and hard to catch into one term; note: only otherkin (specifically those with kintype(s) relating to foxes or kitsunes) are able to use this."43


Genderkoi is defined as "gender has fins and gills and could just elegantly swim around in the ocean."44 It is influenced by sea creature kintypes.


Gendermoth is defined as "a soft and unique gender. it can feel dainty, mighty, majestic or a mix of positive feelings unique to the person identifying as such.
a kingender/xenogender related to moths but not exclusive to mothkin."45


Genderopossum is defined as "a xenogender related to (o)possums, meant for possumkin, but can be used by all."46


Genderpenguin is defined as " a xenogender related to penguins, for penguinkin but can be used by anyone."47


Genderquirked is defined as "For bnha [Boku No Hero Academia] kins and fictives, a gender that is tied to your quirk in some way."48


Genderravn is defined as "a subset of genderhoarder, but only with kingenders"49


Genogender is defined as "where you identify specifically as a gender and therefore do not categories yourself within the same bounds as others"50


Ghiblaeic is defined as "a kingender relating to the ghibli franchise.
for ghiblikins who feel their gender is inherently linked to the ghibli aesthetic in some way."51


Glitchgender is defined as "(different from genderglitch)
definition: you may or may not have a gender, but either way it’s glitched and confusing.
note: ideal for glitchkin/techkin/etc but nonkin can use it too!"52


Grimgender is defined as "a gender for people kinning or heavily relating to a grimdark character or character who goes grimdark. A dark and ominous gender that can slowly fade into something kinder, warmer."53



Heartedgender is defined as "a gender that is influenced by one’s otherhearted-ness."54


Heavaethgender is defined as "a gender related to missing Heaven; angelkin/godkin variants only55


Heavengender is defined as "comgender but in place of gender, you feel the clouds of heaven; or a xenogender specifically for divinekin, godkin, angelkin, etc. and/or believers of heaven, meaning you feel connected to a gender that cannot be described in mundane terms but only by those in heaven.
Based on hellgender. See also: heagender, skygender, deusgender, nubegender, angeligender."56


Hellaethgender is defined as "a gender related to missing Hell; demonkin variants only"57


Hiraethgender is defined as "a gender related to a homesickness for a home to which you cannot return, a home which maybe never was. This term is to be used by otherkin only. If you do not identify as nonhuman in any way, do not use this gender."58


Hyenagender is defined as "a gender that feels close to or affected by hyenas. Can also be described as a singular feeling between felisgender and canisgender while being a singular gender and neither felisgender or canisgender."59



Inanimgender is defined as "a gender that is similar or connected to inanimate objects. coined with objectkin in mind but is not exclusive to them."60


Insectumgender is defined as "a kin gender for people who feel that their gender is insect-like. And those who feel like our gender is like an insects also feel like their gender is close to agender or 'other' in human terms."61



Kangaroogender is defined as "a fluid gender that “leaps” from identity to identity."62


Kenomiid is defined as "where your gender is kin with a combination of your mood, the weather, and how visible the stars are. It changes when any of the three changes. However, any gender that forms along with the change of any of the three has no known classification and is off of the binary scale. It’s also very far away from the nonbinary scale, almost as if it were the square root of -1."63


Kinfluid (kingenderfluid/kindigender/kindifluid) is defined as "a kingender which fluids rapidly due to being connected to your kintypes !"64


Kinic is defined as "a kingender suffix. It works like -coric! Any kin can be put in front of -kinic, e.g. dogkinic, pokékinic, merkinic, dragonkinic, etc."65


Kynogender is defined as "a gender that is linked to kynanthropy. It is a canine kingender, and is linked to having a dog kin/theriotype."66



Librisett is defined as "A fluid gender experience where you have specific “sets” that your gender (and overall identity) moves through. It can be through a specific number of sets (two, three, four) or through many/an unknown amount (pangender, gendercollector, etc)
For example, one specific set may be agender, a dark aesthetic, a bat kin shift, the name john, and xe/xem pronouns. Anything can cause the shift (or it may not have a cause at all!) so it is not specifically a kin or gender identity necessarily, but it’s easier to define it as a gender experience.
The gender or presentation itself may or may not be known, as it’s usually more important that the set as a whole is considered.
[It's] like having a shelf full of books, and each book represents a set of gender/presentation/pronouns/aesthetic. (Thus the brown/’bookish’ look of the flag.)"67


Lunirgender is defined as "any of the following:

  • A gender related to the moon.
  • A gender influenced by the moon / by the placement of the moon in the sky.
  • May be stronger during the night.
  • A gender influenced by a kintype to the moon.
  • A gender related to the Greek Goddess Artemis, the Roman Goddess Diana, or the Greek Goddess Selene, or the Roman God Luna, or any other moon deity.
  • A gender influenced by one’s devotion to any of the aforementioned goddesses.
  • A gender that can be otherwise explained or identified using the Moon."68


Lycadhgender is defined as "a gender that is related to, connected to, associated with and/or influenced by lycanthropes in some way. Can be used by both lycanthropes / therians / werewolfkins etc. and non-therians. Name taken from the word lycanthrope and the Faoladh, a werewolf of Irish folklore.
Pronounced lie-ca-gh or lie-ca-yh."69


Lycangender is defined as "a gender flux that can switch between two or more genders, your “human” gender(s) is your weaker but more frequent gender(s) and your “transformation” gender(s) is stronger yet isn’t always there.
it can also be:

  • a gender connected to werewolves
  • a kingender"70



Magigirlkingender is defined as "a gender that has to do with being magical girlkin"71


Maiette is defined as "a feminine gender that is mysterious and can feel magical at times. Can also be related to the colour purple and/or gray. | A Kingender related to the character Mai from FNAFHS."72


Maieur is defined as "a neutral gender that is mysterious and can feel magical at times. Can also be related to the colour purple and/or gray. | A Kingender that softly relates to both Mai and Puppet from FNaFHS, either because you’re kin with both, or because of their united siblings relationship.
You dont need to be kin with any of these characters to identify with this gender."73


Medicosm is defined as "a gender that feels infinite and boundless, and exists in between realities. It is a gender that feels that it’s beyond comprehension without feeling superior, causing the holder to feel trapped and/or contained. This gender specificity relates to divinekin."74


Mentalshiftgender is defined as "a gender you only feel in mental shift as your kintype(s). Gender suffix can be replaced with the gender felt.75"


Mrvngender is likely a gender based on kinning Mk. III Mobile Robotic Versatile Entity (MRVN) Automated Assistants from Titanfall.76


Multigender is defined as:

  • a gender identity for those with multiple kintypes who each have their own gender identity; note: only for use of otherkin"77
  • "A term for anyone who experiences more than one gender identity. It can be used as a gender identity in its own right, or can be an umbrella term for other identities which fit this description. Multigender identities include bigender (two genders), trigender (three genders), quadgender (four genders), quintgender (five genders), polygender (many genders), pangender and genderfluid (variable gender). Multigender people may experience two or more gender identities at the same time, or their gender identity may change over time (genderfluid).78


Mutantgender (or mugender) is defined as "(or mugender) is defined as "where ones gender (or lack thereof) is affected by their status as a mutantblood and/or their blood mutancy itself

  • can be tied to presentation
  • exclusive to kin/fictives, with homestuck kin/fictives in mind
  • vas- is a prefix meaning blood or blood vessel
  • muvas- is pronounced with a long u (mūvas)
  • muvasgender could also be referred to as vasgender (unless that already exists?)"79


Mutgender where ones gender (or lack thereof) is affected by their status as a mutant and/or their mutancy itself

  • can be tied to presentation
  • not exclusive to, but made with homestuck kin/fictives in mind
  • mu-/mut- is from the word mutant
  • pronounced with a long u (mū or mute/mūt)"80



Noveric is defined as "a kingender based around the novakids from starbound !"81



OKIN (or Otherkin In Gender) is defined as "Basically all your kintypes are involved with your gender."82


Ovisgender is defined as "a gender related to sheep, and all things sheepy! This gender is meant for sheepkin, but can be for anyone! It can be big and brave, or fluffy and sleepy."83



Phantomshiftgender is defined as "a gender you only feel when in phantom shift as your kintype(s). Gender suffix can be replaced with the gender felt.84"


Phytogender is defined as "a phytanthropic gender; a botanical kingender, influenced by being plantfolk; a vegetable gender tied to photosynthesizing autotroph.
Some phytogender people can be also faunagender, since there are animal plantkins such as green sea slug kinnies. Plantfolk usually includes flowerkin, fluitkin, treekin, mosskin, weedkin, woodkin, shrubkin, herbkin, grasskin, fernkin, seedkin and many other theriotypes."85


Pixogender is defined as "a very neutral gender specifically relating to identifications with virtual worlds. coined from the term pixel. created with machine kin in mind but anyone can use it."86

Not to be confused with Pixelgender.


Plutongender is defined as:
1. "A gender influenced by your kintype being the planet Pluto.
2. A gender influenced by your kintype being the Roman god Pluto.
3. A gender influenced by the planet Pluto.
4. A gender influenced by the Roman god Pluto."87


Plantaegender is defined as a "a xenogender/kingender connected/related to plants. One’s perception of gender is affected by the fact that they’re plantkin."88


Prehigender is defined as a "[gender] relating to prehistoric times (times before 10,000 BC). Usually a kingender but can be xenogender in general too, especially if you’re relating to the prehistoric experience instead of a specific species. This gender can feel massive and old, like it’s lived a long, long time."89


Puppeur is defined as "a masculine gender that is mysterious and can feel magical at times. Can also be related to the colour purple and/or gray. | A Kingender related to the character Puppet from FNAFHS. "90


Robotgender is defined as "a gender that feels robotic in a sense, like it is trying to copy another gender but not exactly getting it. Created with robotkin and techkin in mind."91



Seafluic is defined as "a gender that is connected to being a “creature of the deep”. Generally refers to the deep ocean, but can also refer to deep space, forests, mountains, graveyards, or other places considered “mysterious”. Sea can be replaced with Spac/For/Moun/Grav/Cryp, or any other prefix that fits the experience. Fluic is made to sound similar to fluid, but does not have a similar meaning. Fluid means being a creature that is cryptic to the world."92


Sensoryshiftgender is defined as "a gender you only feel when in sensory shift as your kintype(s). Gender suffix can be replaced with the gender felt.93"


Seraphaeic is defined as "when one’s gender is directly related to being an Angel of the Seraphim Choir
Intended for Nonhumans"94


Seraphgender is defined as "a gender that feels very holy and sacred as well as powerful and important but not as strong as a deity. Mainly intended for Seraphkin but can be used by anyone."95


Shaeperic is defined as "A xenogender related to being a shapeshifter, or shapeshifting. it pops in and out of existence and different ways of understanding it depending on the context"96


Shifterfluid (or Superfluidgender / Gendersuperfluid) is defined as "a term for someone with shifting identities. Being genderfluid between genderfluid identities including flux and Multigenders. Coined with shifter/polymorphkin in mind but can be used by anyone."97


Shiftgender is defined as "a gender you only feel when in shift as your kintype(s). The gender suffix can be replaced with the gender felt. For example shiftboy, shiftgirl, shiftnonbinary etc.98"


Siriusgender is defined as "an inherently masculine gender that is encompassing of all masculine genders and some neutral genders, and it feels like it is bright and glowing, and is a gender influenced by kins, and it is tricky or hard to label. When it is first addressed it is very mysterious and seems to change but settles."99


Spaethgender is defined as "A gender related to missing Space; alienkin variants only"100


Spectrial (or Specgender) is defined as "a gender that is aesthetically linked/simply related to ghosts and spectres !
this gender can be used by anyone, but was created with ghostkin in mind!"101


Squipkingender is defined as "a gender that is partially or fully identified with the Squip from Be More Chill."102



Taaken is defined as "a kingender related to taako taaco from the adventure zone103"


Targender was originally defined as "a dark, thick gender obtained through the destructive distillation of gender."104 It was later unaccountably and inaccurately updated to "A dark, thick gender obtained through the destructive distillation of gender. Also it’s flammable. Coined with Tar (Creature)kin specifically in mind, but for anyone’s use."105


Totusgender is defined as "a gender that is fluid sometimes, has kin genders, coric genders, mytholo genders, ficti genders and aestheti genders, it feels masculine with a bit of feminine, a non binary gender that has most if not all genders almost like genderfluid"106



Unborngender is defined as "a gender influenced by being unbornkin."107 Unbornkin is defined as "identifying partially or entirely as an unborn person, someone who isn’t born yet."108


Ursinegender is defined as "a xenogender/kingender/faunagender connected/related to bears."109



Videogender is defined as "related to kingender…a gender that feels too robotic/technological to be classified by human standards."110


Virtuaic is defined as "a gender that is very strong and bright, a gender that is at the core of someone’s identity. Usually linked with someone’s angelkin. Based on the Virtue choir of angels."111


Virtugender is defined as "a gender that is etherial and beautiful, but close to sin. Intended for Virtue rank angelkin, but not required.112


Vixengender is defined as "A non-binary feminine identity that is influenced by your fox kintype in some way, and/or describes the gender of your kin(For Foxkin/therians only!)"113



Webaeic is defined as "a gender that has many threads. it is intricate and layered, like a spiderweb. it is also linked to spiders in some way, whether it is aesthetically, kin, spiritually, etc."114


Weissaeic is defined as "a kingender that can only be described as “identifying as the gender you once were in your weiss schnee canon.”
this gender is only for weisskin."115



Yōtangender (or just Yōtan) is defined as "a coyotelike gender, and/or a gender related to, connected to, associated with, influenced by and/or impacted by coyotes, and/or a gender influenced by a coyote theriotype. Name comes from the Nahuatl word for coyote (coyōtl) and the scientific name for coyotes (Canis latrans).
Yōtan can be typed ‘Yotan’."116



Zombiesoft is defined as "when your gender experience with being a zombie/zombiekin/feeling undead is much softer and passive than the stereotypical. Has aspects of pastel/candy guro. It gives off feelings of soft coffin bedding, a calm drowsiness, bathing in the warm sun and sweet funeral flowers."117

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