Implagender Flag
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Black is for genderless people
Yellow is for non-binary
White is for agender spectrum
Blue, purple and pink is for feminity, masculinity and everything inbetween

Implagender is a neurogender defined as "never being satisfied with your gender due to constant self-doubt, causing one to search and seek out something that fits as perfect as possible. Similar to Xumgender but not exclusive to neurodivergent people."1

History of the term

Implagender was coined on or before July 5, 2016 by ash-doggie on Deviantart and Pride-Flags on Deviantart. THe flag was posted on that date.2

MOGAI-Watch Poem

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“Questioning” is too mainstream–
I need something obscure
to set my gender quest apart
and increase my allure.

It’s a gender in itself
that my gender is unknown–
at least, so say the denizens
of the vaunted MOGAI Zone.


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